TSB Times Top 50 Employers for Women – Women Who Inspire Us

At TSB we believe in working in partnership. We're proud that our values attract like-minded people to come and work with us.

Over a third of our executive team, over a third of our top 150 Partners and over half our managers are female*.

We believe that this isn't just better for the workplace though, it's better for business. And it is for this reason that we've been recognised in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women list for 2016.

To celebrate our inclusion in The Times' Top 50, we've asked a few of our favourite inspirational female bloggers to tell us why gender equality in the workplace is important to them, and why they feel empowered by the work that they do.

Andrea from Andrea's Passions

Andrea is a lawyer at a top American law firm in the City. She has a lifestyle blog focusing predominantly on food and travel named Andrea's Passions, but is equally passionate about gender equality and supporting women to achieve their full potential and ambition in the workplace.

"Despite working in a very senior male dominated and ego-driven environment, I've been truly impressed and inspired by the strong women I'm surrounded by who aren't afraid to voice their opinions and disagree on how matters should be handled. The go-getter attitude of the women that I work with has been both refreshing and encouraging for junior people like myself to find their voice and feel confident to stand by it. I think the key to gender equality is women empowering one another."

You can follow Andrea on Instagram and Twitter.



Alice from More Than Toast

Alice is an ex-Marketing Director who runs her own Marketing Consultancy and moonlights as a journalist, writing a Telegraph Column on the subject of single parenting. She has two young children and a lifestyle blog called More Than Toast.

"For me, equality in the workplace is one of the most important factors when it comes to my career success. The old saying "no (wo)man is an island" is never more true than here - our colleagues are essential to our own success, and I find myself inspired and motivated by witnessing the rise of other women in my field.

"It's important for us to understand women are just as capable and confident as our male counterparts and that if you choose to mix motherhood with work this should be seen as an advantage, not a hindrance. Becoming a mum taught me valuable lessons in efficiency and multitasking, and gave me confidence to know that I can apply these essential skills to do a brilliant job at work."

You can follow Alice on Instagram and Twitter.


Becky from Becky Bedbug

Becky is a primary school teacher by day and a lifestyle blogger at Becky Bedbug by night. Being in a female-dominated profession she's seen first-hand how women can support each other in their careers

"Gender equality in the workplace is so vital because it allows women to access career progression based on their experience and skills, leading to a more fulfilling work environment and means companies employ the best staff for each role. Win-win!

"Having started my career in a female-dominated profession (primary teaching), I have been mentored by wonderfully strong, career-driven women who have inspired me in all areas of my life. With more opportunities for young people to learn from successful women, we can foster a more rounded, balanced society for the future."

You can follow Becky on Instagram and Twitter.


Rosie from A Rosie Outlook

Rosie is a Talent Manager and lifestyle blogger at A Rosie Outlook. Growing up she was told girls could do anything boys could, yet at school she was told she wasn't allowed to join the football team as it was for boys only. Since then she's been determined to push herself forward and to ensure that she's never shied away from opportunities because she felt that they were 'for the boys only'.

"I've worked for the same organisation for almost ten years now, starting out in a Press and PR role, but having recently moved into Talent Management. We have a much lower percentage of women in senior roles in our organisation (mirroring most organisations across all sectors) and I'm passionate about unlocking barriers and helping women achieve their full potential at work. 

"I'm an active member of our Women's Network, where we focus on self-development, coaching and building women's confidence in the workplace, to help them develop and achieve their career goals. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by strong, inspiring, creative women both in the workplace, in my family, and in my friendship circles, and I'm absolutely for anything that helps us work together and help achieve equality not just in the workplace, but universally."

You can follow Rosie on Instagram and Twitter.


Vicki from Honest Mum

Vicki is a former multi-award winning TV director and filmmaker. She is now a full-time blogger, and has a critically acclaimed site, Honest Mum. Being one of the top UK parenting bloggers and working in the digital space allows her to be her own boss whilst giving her the working flexibility she desired.

"As a former filmmaker - one of around just 7% of female directors in the industry - I've found my latest role over the past few years as a professional blogger utterly empowering. It's a job that while being full time fits around my family, where I work on my schedule and terms in a flexible and remote way. Digital careers are helping to bring greater equality to the work place for women and mothers everywhere."

You can follow Vicki on Instagram and Twitter.


Gender Equality at TSB

We continue to focus on being Britain's challenger bank, serving local communities and helping customers and Partners to thrive. We're committed to ensure that women can flourish based on their talent and potential, and both customers and the bank can benefit as a result.


*Based on March 2016 internal data.

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