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You might have spotted a new TV advert telling people about TSB's Partners. If you are already a TSB customer, we hope you have already benefitted from support from our Partners.

We thought that this would be a good time to tell you more about the many different ways you can get support, even when times are difficult, or you or a member of your family may be vulnerable in some way. Any of us can face vulnerability at any time and it's important that you know that you can rely on your bank for help and guidance.

Whether you are facing difficulties financially - perhaps after bereavement - or whether you need support to do your banking because of a mental health difficulty or because you have a physical disability, there are a number of ways TSB Partners can offer support.

If you have financial difficulties

If you are struggling to manage your finances, help is at hand. The first step is to contact your branch at an early stage. TSB Partners can help you assess your current financial situation and explore your options with you. If you can't get to a branch, you can contact our telephony centres on 0345 975 8758

Being in debt can be daunting. If you are concerned about managing your finances, putting together an action plan can help you to get out of debt and manage your finances more smoothly in the future. You might also find our guide offering help on how to break the cycle of debt helpful.

How have Partners helped?

A Partner noticed an elderly customer was in financial difficulty and was overdrawn. She sat with him to check his income and expenditure and noticed his outgoings exceeded his income and did not give him any money left for food.

With the customer's permission, she discovered he was missing out on an allowance he was entitled to and hadn't received his private pension since he moved to sheltered accommodation. The combination of help to get his account back in the black and help to claim some unclaimed pension meant he can pay his bills and meet his needs without going in to the red.


If you've lost someone close to you, sorting out the finances will be the last thing on your mind. At this difficult time, TSB Partners will do everything possible to make this as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

Our specially trained bereavement advisors in branch will provide face-to-face help and advice on what to do about accounts, how to pay bills and talk you through the process. You can book an appointment in branch by visiting your local branch in person or by phoning 0345 975 8758.

How can Partners help?

At the appointment, the Partner will ask some questions so they can fully understand your individual case. Usually everything can be done in branch, but if the circumstances mean that additional time and expertise is required, we have a dedicated Bereavement Service Centre to help you.

Vulnerable young adults

TSB partners are experienced in supporting people with learning disabilities, and staying alert to any signs that they may be at risk of exploitation.

How have Partners helped?

A young man with a learning disability moved his accounts to TSB, after being the victim of fraud at his previous bank. He usually came to branch alone, and withdrew about a small amount each week. A branch partner noticed that he had started bringing someone they didn't recognise with him when he came to the branch, and that he was drawing out larger amounts. He told the Partner she was his friend and that she helped him.

He came into branch the following week, and asked to withdraw a large amount (which was very out of character). A TSB partner noticed this, and was worried. Later that week, he returned to the branch on his own but with two black eyes. He said he'd fallen over but had no other damage to his face. Through identifying that the young man was at risk, the partner was able to raise the alarm, and a family member was contacted to make them aware of the situation, and to ensure that the young man was protected.


If you have a disability

We are continually improving the environment in branches to make them more accessible if you have a disability. We're installing ramps, clearer signage and the installation of power-assisted doors. TSB partners are on hand through the 'Call Assistance' bell system so you can call a member of staff if you need their help.

You'll find internal ramps or wheelchair lifts in branches that have split-level banking halls. All branches have counter queuing rails, and many have lower-level writing surfaces.

You can find your nearest accessible branch with our branch finder.

Visual assistance

If you are visually impaired, you'll find help in branch and online including:

  • Leaflets in large print, Braille or on audio tape available to order in branch to be sent out to you
  • Cheque book templates to simplify the writing of cheques Bank note guides to help identify the value of bank notes
  • Cash machines with a raised dot on the number 5 keypad to help identify the surrounding keys
  • Tsb.co.uk reader software, so you should be able to find the information you need online

Hearing support

In branch

All branches have induction loops fitted in the secure cash areas such as counters and cash machines which can be used at any counter position or in a private interview room with the 'T' setting on hearing aids to enhance sound.

By phone

We offer BT TextDirect - type 18001 before the telephone number you wish to contact and an RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf People) operator will join the line to convey the message.


Using SignVideo, you can communicate with one of our partners via a sign language interpreter on tsb.co.uk. You can find out more about how SignVideo works here.

If you need information on support with any other special needs, please contact us on 03459 758 758 or visit the accessibility section on our website.

Our Partners are able to support you however you prefer to bank - whether you call, click or visit us in Branch. You can find out more about what Partnership means at TSB on our partnership pages.

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