Why Apple Pay is great

Keys, phone, wallet...uh oh. No wallet. Just one of the reasons why Apple Pay can change your life for the better (especially if you're forgetful).

No cards needed

If you have a habit of leaving things at home - in other words, your bank card - your rather smart Apple iPhone or Watch can now act as a payment method - providing it's charged. Just hold your device near the card reader in stores accepting Apple Pay, hold your finger on your iPhone's Home button or double-tap the button on your Apple Watch and you're done.

See which devices are available with Apple Pay

See which cards are eligible for Apple Pay

And no PINs, either

Is your purse or wallet bursting with flexible friends who each have a different PIN code? Confusing. But with Apple Pay, all you need is your fingerprint to make a payment. Or if you're using your Apple Watch, a double-click on the side button.

Get 5% cashback on Apple Pay payments

With Your Plus account you can earn 5% cashback on your first £100 of contactless spending every month, using either Apple Pay or by your contactless debit card (subject to eligibility). Plus if you have an eligible TSB Credit Card you can earn another 5% cashback on your first £100 of Apple Pay spending every month (excludes TSB VISA Credit Cards). We'll pay the cashback the month after you've earned it, until January 2017.

To receive the cashback you must be registered for Internet Banking and it will be paid monthly, ending December 2016. From more information on the Terms and Conditions see   www.tsb.co.uk/applepay

Avoid pockets full of change

Do you ever wonder how much change you've lost down the back of friends' sofas or on taxi drivers' back seats? Thanks to cashless Apple Pay, you might just be that little bit richer from here on.

Pay in apps without inputting your details

Are you forever tapping the wrong keys on your device's keypad? Not ideal when you're typing in personal details, especially card numbers. But, with Touch ID, you don't have to.

Add your loyalty and rewards cards

There's a points card for everything. And what's the betting that when you do make the infrequent visit to that particular store, you haven't got their card with you. So what do you do? Soon you'll be able to use selected loyalty cards by adding them to your Wallet app. Keep your eyes peeled for launch announcements in the media. 

No-one can see your card details or PIN

There's no more looking over your shoulder in suspicion at the checkout. None of your card details are visible to the others in the queue, or staff, and there's obviously no need to enter a PIN in public either.

Your card details are safe if you lose your phone

If you happen to lose your phone, the chances are your last thought will be about the cards stored on it but if you think your Apple device has been lost, stolen or compromised, you should call us immediately on 0345 975 8005 so that we can stop transactions on your account. You can also discuss any unrecognised transactions on your account by contacting us on this number. If you want to cancel your physical card/s, please call us on 0800 315 0030. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you can't call us immediately, it's worth knowing that as long as your iPhone or Apple Watch has a passcode or has Touch ID enabled, your card details will remain safe, which is good to know in the short term. To protect you further, you can log into iCloud and use 'Find my iPhone' to locate your device, as long as it's still switched on. Within iCloud, you can also log in and put your device into lost mode which you should also do as soon as you can. That way when your phone comes back online, the tokens embedded which authenticate you and your device will have been deleted, giving you double assurance that no payments can be made from your phone if stolen.

Do you live in London or like to visit?

You no longer need to waste time standing in never-ending queues to buy a ticket or to top up your Oyster Card. Apple Pay lets you pay for your journeys as you go. Just 'arm' your device - by opening the Wallet app and holding your registered finger on the Home button - before you get to the barrier, hold it near the contactless reader and it'll let you through.

If you want to learn more about using Apple Pay, our help page has lots of FAQs as well as some handy tips and tricks.









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