The Tinder Economy

If money makes the world go round, you might be surprised to find that our recent research shows that dating makes the UK go round, boosting the UK economy by £14.5bn each year. App-tly, the digital pursuit of love swipes almost a £11.7bn of this figure with dating apps creating 14% of all current relationships.  

First dates are particularly pricey, costing on average £41.20 per couple as daters push the boat out to impress potential suitors. However the bar drops a little on subsequent dates, with singletons spending around £28.83 per date – perhaps, the reason why most people will see the same date just three times before swiping left.  

While Tinder is the UK’s most popular dating app (55%) followed by Plenty of Fish (41%), ‘app daters’ spend less than those answering ‘lonely heart’ newspaper adverts who fork out on average £39 and £54 respectively on a first date.  

Take heart as while for 28% of daters, the ideal first date involves heading out for a few drinks, others have been whisked off their feet with helicopter rides, treated to a weekend in Paris, floated out to sea on a yacht, hot air balloon rides and even bungee jumping, firmly blowing the budget.

Chivalry still appears to be alive and kicking when it comes to paying the bill. Fifty percent of men polled think the man should pay for the first date, while only 34% of women agree. In reality both sexes prefer to ‘go Dutch’ on a first date and spilt the bill following a first date, or so 47% of our respondents said, which rises to 62% in favour of bill splitting when asked about subsequent dates.

In fact, 30% of women and only 17% of men would choose not to see their date again if they didn’t offer to cough up for some or all of the bill even if the date had been going well up until that point. A pointed reminder that money and the heart both play a part in finding love.   

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