Space Saving solutions for your home

7 Clever Space Saving Solutions

Get home from work and open the door only to fight with the overloaded coat rack. Navigating the hallway, at the mercy of bike pedals and under table hazards, deposit your bag in a new place every evening leaving you searching for it the next morning, while rushing out the door. Sound familiar? The Dulux Amazing Space design team, share 7 simple but clever tips for every room in the house, from the front door to the bathroom, and everywhere in between. 

1. Off the hook

Keep your hall clear by using hooks on the wall rather than a coat stand. It also gives you an opportunity to utilize some of the space below it, perhaps a shoe rack or a storage basket. So instead of coming home to clutter, come home to an organized hallway and go straight into relaxation mode the moment you set foot on the doormat. Bliss.

IMAGE 1(1)

2. Below stairs

Why let the space under your stairs go to waste. Pop a bookcase or a chic storage unit there and use it to house all of those things that get dumped near the front door, like shoes, school bags, sports kits. Shelves and units come in all sorts of shapes and designs these days so they'll fit anywhere and turn a redundant space into a design feature, like the one below.

IMAGE 2(1)

3. Bums on seats

You never know when an unexpected guest might pop round so it's always good to have spare seating in your living room. It's even better if it performs another function as well.

IMAGE 3(1)

Our tried and tested tip is to have an ottoman or a footstool, which often have a lift away lid offering you additional storage in your living room. They provide extra seating when you need it and somewhere to stow away your magazines or other bits when you don't.

4. Cosy corners 

Corner sofas, like this beautiful one below, are a brilliant way of saving space but still having plenty of place to sit. They take up less floor space than two sofas and you get the added bonus that they instantly zone your room, creating somewhere cosy to watch your shows. 

IMAGE 4(1)

5. Floating in space  

If you've got an alcove to fill but can't find the perfect piece of furniture for it, you could try adding floating shelves or built-in compartments. How cool do these look?

IMAGE 5(1)

They provide loads of extra storage and you can also turn them into a feature, either by painting the edge of the shelves or the back wall in a colour to match the room. The yellow of the shelf in this living room ties in with the splashes of the same colour around the room.

And if you find that it starts to look too busy or cluttered, use a few storage boxes in different sizes and shapes on the shelves to fit in with your room and style.

IMAGE 6(1)

Floating shelves will work well in your kitchen too if you're struggling to fit everything into your cupboards. They provide extra storage for the Jamie Oliver of the family, and you can display your favourite cups and crockery, and create a kitchen straight out of an interiors magazine.

6. Sleep on it  

Are you using the space under your bed? If not, why not?! Just pop a box, basket or a specially-designed drawer under your bed to hide your spare bedding and any other bits and bobs you want to get out of the way.

This tip isn't just for grown-ups, it works in any bedroom. Aren't these funky boxes under this child's bed wonderful? We can't promise that it'll make your children keep their rooms tidy but it's worth a go!

IMAGE 7(1)

7. Hung out to dry

IMAGE 8(1)

Finally, our number one pièce de resistance space-saving tip is to use a ladder in the bathroom. Yes, really! We don't mean for their conventional use (unless the Borrowers are visiting) - they make great storage. 

They're compact and an excellent place for the whole family to hang their towels. It'll also be a statement piece and we can guarantee that no one will visit your bathroom without commenting on it!

The Dulux Amazing Space designers love to talk design and you can take advantage of their expertise by booking an online design consultation for £75 per room. Book online at Dulux Amazing Space.



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