Selling your home with an online estate agent

Selling your home

Selling your property will often mean forking out a percentage of the profit from your sale. Or it did until recently. In recent years there has been a movement towards online home selling. You may know Tepilo, Purple Bricks and EasyProperty as popular brands to sell your home with online.

Paying a small upfront fee and often nothing else can mean you sell your home and pocket most of the profit. Sound good? Jane Emson sold her mum and dad’s home online through Purple Bricks. Here is Jane’s guide to what you can expect when selling your house online and some FAQs.

Once you decide to sell your home either online or via a more traditional method, there are 2 stages to the process:

Stage 1: Advertising, viewings and agreeing a sale price

Stage 2: Conveyancing through to exchange and then completion

Web smart

Once you register to sell your property with an online estate agent, you’ll have to submit all the information required through their online portal, this will involve uploading documents such as Gas Safe Certificates. So if you are thinking of selling your home online, first consider if you’ll feel comfortable doing everything online.

Using the online sales portal 

I found the online platform really useful. It takes you through the process step by step, with emails regularly sent to prompt you on the tasks which you need to undertake for the next step in the process on the platform. In addition to scanning, uploading and attaching documents, you’ll have to answer some specific questions from drop down menus or in the occasional free text box. All of the information is archived once submitted so you can always come back and refer to it, if needed.

Getting in touch 

For Stage 1 with Purple Bricks, we were supported by a Purple Bricks Expert for the initial advertising, viewings and sale price agreement. For stage 2, a Conveyancing Solicitor to support you through to completion once you have an offer. You will have contact details for both and can call with any queries depending on what is required regarding the property.

Our contact at Purple Bricks was very flexible. We spoke on the phone about setting up the open house sessions and he was great at providing advice when negotiating the sale once we received an offer.  Our Conveyancer arranged regular calls with us at key points in the selling process so was a little less flexible but we still felt up to date with each step of the process.

Buy now, pay later

If you use the Conveyancing offered by Purple Bricks, as opposed to using another solicitor then you can defer all payments until the property is sold. At that point the owed money will be taken from the profit from the sale, following completion.

On the ground 

With Purple Bricks, we paid an additional fee of about £130 extra to secure unlimited house viewings which the Purple Bricks Expert carried out for us. Obviously this is very useful if you are not local to the property you are selling, you’ll just have to work out with the estate agent how you get the keys to them.

Selling your home with an online estate agent FAQs

Will I still need a solicitor?

A Conveyancer is another name for a solicitor. A Conveyancer is simply a solicitor who has specialised in property legal work or property law. Most online estate agents will offer you the option of a conveyancing solicitor which they recommend as they’ll be familiar with the online process for the e-estate agent, which should help in keeping you up to date and your sale moving along, much easier.

How will I send my documents if it's all online?

All documents pertaining to the property you are selling, need to be uploaded by scanning on your computer and attached through the online portal which you’ll get access to once you pay your upfront fee.

How long will a sale take? Will it be quicker than using a high street estate agent?

Selling a home can take months whether you use an online or a high street estate agent. Ideally the best position to be in, is for both buyer and seller (vendor) to be chain free but the sales process can still take time in that situation. There are a lot of parties involved and a lot of paperwork too!

How do I keep track of what’s been done when I’m selling my home online?

As you progress through the selling process and complete each section, you’ll get regular emails from the estate agency online platform to remind you what you need to do next. If you want to check yourself, you can log in and see what’s next on the to-do list. 

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