Partner money-saving tips

The folks at TSB are a canny bunch. We asked Partners to share their top money-saving tips, and the home-spun wisdom came flooding in. Our Partners are saving money in a whole host of ways, from making cashback sites work for them; to growing their own veggies and freecycling to help their budget, and the local community.

We wanted to share some of the great ideas with you to help you save a little bit more, so here's a round-up of some of the top tips on how to save your hard-earned cash, brought to you courtesy of our Partners:

  • Before you rush to book that train, have you considered booking a split ticket? Split ticketing is where - instead of booking one train ticket - you book two or more tickets covering different segments of your journey. You don't have to get off the train, you just have to be on a train that stops where the tickets start and end. There are websites that can help you, like Split Your Ticket, which can automatically search for cheaper tickets and string them together. Whilst the website is searching it shows the (sometimes very large) savings other people have made.
  • Use online videos to learn how to do jobs you might have paid other people to do. One of our Partners is saving £40 a month having learned how to groom her dog by watching YouTube tutorials. She also tackled tiling her kitchen and bathroom armed with knowledge gleaned online, saving the cost of hiring a tiler.
  • Get your garden in shape by inviting your friends to a "dig for dinner" party! A Partner saved over £1,000 by feeding her friends after they'd spent the day digging and sorting out her overgrown garden after she moved house.
  • If long-haul flights from London are looking a bit pricey, check out the fare from Ireland. There are a number of low-cost carriers flying to Ireland from London and our Partner saved £1,500 on four flights to Florida by travelling via Dublin.
  • Lots of Partners are saving money using a variety of cashback sites. This was one of the most common tips, and some people are getting around £150 back per month as a result of channelling all their spending through sites like Quidco and TopCashback.
  • Look for things you need on sites like Freecycle - and give away the things you don't need, saving the cost of taking them to the tip! It's great for the environment; you get things for free; and you're helping your local community.
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables and use your produce to cook healthy, cheap meals
  • Keep an eye on your fridge and, if you can see food that's nearing its 'use by' date, move it to the freezer. That should give you an extra month to use it - but don't forget it's there!
  • Some TSB Partners are helping their bank balances - and the environment - by car sharing . Some have halved the cost of their commute. If you don't know anyone who does the same journey as you, check out the LiftShare website that can match commuters who do similar journeys.
  • Finally - and it's not rocket science, but can save a lot of money - ditch the plastic bottles and drink tap water. If you don't typically have access to a tap at work, invest in a "permanent" bottle and fill it up before you leave home. Our Partners say they save at least £1 a day, which over the course of a year could be enough to fund a trip away. And it'd good for the environment too!

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