What do our Partners choose to Pick and Protect?

Toys have been named the most memorable aspect of childhood by 1 in 10 Brits, and two thirds (64%) admit that if their toys were lost they'd be willing to cough up the cash if it meant their safe return. 

The nostalgia surrounding childhood toys is so strong that more than a third (38%) of Brits still owns their childhood toys, while 29% have handed their much-loved toys to younger family members. On average, Brits would happily fork out £40 to bring back their most beloved toys - and 3% admit they'd pay up to £100, according to research commissioned by TSB to mark the launch of its new flexible home insurance, Pick and Protect. 

"Our research shows there's a strong sense of nostalgia around the toys people owned as children, which continues into adulthood, as many Brits admit they're willing to pay handsomely to bring back their favourites. The things that people most want to protect really varies, which is why we believe customers should be given similar flexibility when it comes to insurance. Pick and Protect home insurance doesn't bundle together lots of cover and ask customers to pay for it, whether they want it or not. It is a new way of doing insurance and one that sits well with TSB's current home insurance offer," says Ian Ramsden, Director of TSB Home Insurance. 

Our Partners are just as sentimental as the rest of the country; Abigail Whittaker, EA to TSB CEO Paul Pester, has had her bear Ted and his 'twin' for a very long time. 

"Ted is 29 years old - basically as old as me! He was a gift from a family friend when I was just a few days old and he quickly became the favourite teddy bear - anywhere I went, Ted had to come too... even school! Fearing the potential disaster if ever Ted got misplaced, my parents quickly went out and bought an identical teddy bear which could be 'swapped in' in case of emergency! 

"Although there have been a few near misses - Ted was left on a train to York and in a hotel in Rome - I haven't lost him yet. Poor Ted is looking a little worse for wear for his 29 years - and you certainly wouldn't recognise them as twins anymore!"  


Our Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, Andrew Baguley, was lucky enough to be a Games Maker in the London 2012 Olympics. 

"From 2007 I was working on the Games for one of the sponsors, and incredibly privileged to be one of the 8,000 who carried the Flame in the Olympic Torch Relay. For 300m in Batley, I carried the responsibility of the entire London 2012 Olympic Games in my hands - well, on the end of a Torch! Maybe that's a bit over dramatic, but the Torch sitting on its shelf in my dining room generates so many memories for me. The people I met, the great people I worked with, the places I went, the inspirational stories shared, the laughter, the tears and the new friends I made along the way. It's not always 'things' that are valuable but for me, it's the memories that those things, like my Torch, rekindle every day." 

IMAGE 2_AB 2012

Helen Hithersay, Local Banker, prizes her mum's metronome above all else. 

"The metronome sits on my mantelpiece, unused, but definitely not unloved. My mum loved music and taught piano at home. She taught my brother and me to play, and we would spend hours singing along to her playing. She belonged to the local choir, gramophone society and was always humming a tune. At the age of 55 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and at that time she told me, 'I've got this awful thing wrong with my brain and I can go one of two ways.  I can either be angry or decide to smile my way through it, and I choose to smile.'

"Within a couple of years, she had lost the ability not only to play the piano, but also to talk - but true to her word, she would communicate through smiles and was never happier than when she was listening to music. Even when she had to go into a care home - still the youngest there by years - whenever we went to visit, the nursing team would have a radio by her bed, tuned into any station that was playing piano music. She passed away at 63, but she showed me the true meaning of dignity and fortitude. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of very happy times spent with my mum when she was at her finest." 

IMAGE 3 Metonome

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