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Ever wondered how a trend starts? Be it fashion or home, there is often a team working hard behind the scenes to interpret inspirational influences into something that you can bring into your wardrobe, or in the case of the Dulux Amazing Space designers, your home.

Gold living room and kitchen interior

"Although decorating is fashionable, with looks suddenly becoming popular whilst others fade away, the decorating cycle of between 3-5 years dictates that it is a slower moving, more considered industry. In order to predict colour schemes and interior design themes that have something fresh to offer and yet have a broad enough appeal to encourage change in the home, the experts at Dulux look out for trends. Trends differ from fashion in that they are a development of a distinctive theme over a period of time and we spot trends that are going to be strong for 18 months ahead. We have already begun work on global colour forecasting for 2018. The new looks and palettes may have been started by fashion but are not dictated by it; and include a much wider range of influences from how we like to spend our leisure time and money to what's happening in technology and the environment. This way we can be sure that our predictions work hand in hand with new products that are being developed for the interiors industry within the same time scale.

"Trends driven by nature and the changing landscape of the world we live in are very strong at the moment and colours inspired by natural materials and minerals have been growing in popularity for the past few years. This Year's colour of the year is Cherished Gold - a rich ochre shade inspired by natural minerals. To make it easy to use the colour in any interior, we have also created a palette of the year which is designed to unlock its true potential and photographed inspirational room sets to show how it can be used. The palette contains a versatile combination of warm and cool mineral shades that can be used together across the walls, flooring, furniture and accessories.

Gold and duckegg blue office


Gold and dusty pink home interior


Dark blue and white interior

"Another really strong trend for 2016 is to use dark colours in interiors. This trend is driven by the growing realisation that we need the dark as much as we need light to live healthy well-balanced lives. Circadian rhythms drive the human body clock and light interferes with our ability to rest properly. Our natural circadian rhythms are being interrupted by light pollution and the screens we have all become so reliant on. Recent studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can be linked to a number of serious health related issues so the importance of reconnecting with the dark is much more fundamental than just because it looks gorgeous.

"The trend Dark & Light contains colours inspired by the night sky over different parts of the world; from the midnight blues and indigos of wild uninhabited landscapes and oceans to the sodium soaked city skylines of London and Beijing.

"Used in our homes they create spaces in which we can completely relax and unwind. It takes is a bit more bravery to use dark colours but the bravery pays off and if decorating could be described as 'life enhancing', this look would truly be just that."

Blues and burnt orange kitchen and lounge interior

The Dulux Amazing Space designers love to talk design and you can take advantage of their expertise by booking an online design consultation for £75 per room. Book online at Dulux Amazing Space.

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