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So, after what might seem a never-ending hectic period of mortgage hunting, property searching and price haggling, you've finally got the keys, and now you're ready to start moving in. Whilst moving day can be a breeze, for most it's just another stressful part of the process on what should be a very happy day. We've partnered with some of the top removal companies to bring you home moving and packing tips from the experts themselves to help store away the stresses of moving day.

1. Pack your essentials last

Big Yellow's big tip is to pack the things you'll need first last and label them 'essentials'. Keys, kettle, mugs, tea bags, toilet roll, phone charger, scissors, bin bags, pen and paper are just a few of the things you may need as soon as you move in. Make sure you put these in your own car or carry them with you rather than the removals van.

2. Avoid moving on Fridays and bank holidays

Big Yellow also suggest avoiding Fridays and bank holidays when removal firms are in high demand and will be stretched (and may charge more!). If you want more choice of removal companies, and a more competitive quote, go for off-peak times such as mid-week.

3. Use robust and durable packing materials

Alexanders Removals recommend using robust and durable packing materials if you are not using ones supplied by the removal company. They also say that you should always pack boxes that you can lift yourself - if you can't lift the box then you can't expect another human being to do the same without injuring themselves.

4. Give your removal firm information on awkward furniture in advance

Awkward furniture and access can prove very difficult for movers if this information is not supplied in advance. You can avoid this by taking room dimensions at your new home if possible and make sure that those large and fragile pieces will fit through the door. Providing this information to your removals company means that they will be able to plan adequately and ensure this is all covered in the cost of your quote.

5. Plan your packing before moving day

Bishop's Move says preparation is key to ensuring a successful move rather than leaving the packing to the last minute.  The first step is to evaluate what you're going to pack and then analyse what materials you require for the move. You don't want to start packing up and find you don't have moving boxes, packing tape, sheets to cover items and protective padding, such as bubble wrap and polystyrene.

6. Make sure you use an accredited removals company

By approaching an accredited removals company you can also opt for various packing options - from the full monty to just fragile items. Having professionals take care of your packing needs can free up time, help put your mind at rest and will leave you to focus on other elements of the big move.

7. Look for a removal company that offers a Late Key Waiver

At Pickfords they advise looking for a removal company that offers a Late Key Waiver. This service eliminates the risk of being charged for delaying your removal, for example, should your keys arrive later than expected. With this insurance, the removal crew will stay on site until they have access to the property (the terms and conditions might differ between companies so check them before opting for it).

8. Removals insurance can protect your belongings

If possible, you should take out removals insurance to protect against loss of damage to your belongings during the move process. As an industry standard, removal companies limit their liability, but comprehensive insurance covers you against loss or damaged items.

9. Notify everyone who needs to know about your new address

It sounds obvious, but lots of people forget to notify their bank, utility companies, insurance companies etc of their new address. An easy way to give yourself some breathing space in the days after moving is to redirect your mail. It's also very important to notify DVLA so that your driving licence is updated - it's free of charge unless you are due to change your photo.

10. Do not pack personal documents, jewellery and money

You might need these items during the removal, or while they are in storage. Don't pack items that you will need right after you move in, or always keep track of where you are putting them.

11. Be present on the moving day

To make sure everything goes as planned with the removal team, it is important to be present on the moving day. Check that you have not left any items behind, turn off the gas and electricity, and close all the windows.

12. Take it easy

It is understandable that you will want to try to get everything unpacked and sorted as soon as possible, but moving can be an overwhelming and exhausting job so make sure you take plenty of breaks and pace yourself. Free up as many days as possible for the move and afterwards to recover and, most importantly, enjoy your new home.

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