Love sending gifts - don’t love the hassle




Receiving a card or present in the post at Christmas is always a thrill, but standing in an inevitably long queue at the PostOffice during your dwindling lunch hour certainly isn’t. Give the hard-workingposties a break this year and take a different approach to sending your well-wishesand pressies to loved ones. 

Utilising delivery services, turning up in person during the holidays or sending messages are just some of the alternatives that can allow you to be just as creative and personal.

"No wrapping paper, paper cuts, sticky tape, curling-of-ribbon-with-scissors, weighing, stamps or queuing required."

Special deliveries

It’s not just for flowers anymore – candles, toys, books, perfumes, puzzles and many luxury items can be delivered to someone’s door. Big stores such as Harrods, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer all do hampers with all sorts of surprises and gourmet treats inside. produce really imaginative creations such as the Great Minds hamper or the Boredom Buster, as well as the usual bath, body, foodie selections. Or try who even create hampers for pets!

Be poetic

Why not write a poem or quote for some of the people on your Christmas list and send it via email, text, voicemail or instant message? A four-line rhyme is all it takes to show someone you care, but if you’re really not great at composing these things, search the web for quotes and poetry and find something appropriate for the people close to you. Try Family Friends Poems as a start. The thought involved here will probably win over even the biggest technophobe. We can pretty much guarantee a poem will have a loved one in tears of joy.

Digitally-received pressies

Concert tickets, passes to sporting events, eBooks, gym memberships, vouchers, subscriptions, other club memberships – all these things can be ordered and paid for online then sent via email. No wrapping paper, paper cuts, sticky tape, curling-of-ribbon-with-scissors, weighing, stamps or queuing required. Many websites allow you to create your own ecards and personalise them with funny pictures, songs, etc. Some quirkier sites include jacquielawson, jibjab, someecards or greenvelope.

Makea donation

If there’s a charity particularly close to someone’s heart, why not contact the organisation and make a donation rather than sending your loved one a card, or even present? Christmas is a time for giving, after all. 

Go visiting

Should many of your friends and family conveniently live in close proximity to one another, be like Santa and make house calls on Christmas Eve. Make a day - or evening - of it. You could dress up or treat friends to a bit of carol singing while you’re at it. If you don’t get invited in for a hot chocolate or a Christmas tipple after such an effort – they need a very strong injection of Christmas spirit!

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