Keeping your bike safe

Bike security

By its very nature, you and your bike will frequently be away from home. There are lots of ways to ensure that you keep both yourself and your bike safe, and to stay within the limits of your insurance policy.

Where you lock your bike.

Ensure your bike is locked to a recognised bike stand in a visible area which has 2 contact points to the ground and that you lock the frame and both wheels to the bike stand. You should also take care to lock your bike up at home as you would out and about; sheds, hallways and gardens are all equally as easily targeted.

Take advantage of secure parking at your office, if supplied. Underground parking garages and bike parking areas are often covered by CCTV. You should still lock your bike up, even if your building uses CCTV and has secure, traceable entry, as your insurance policy may stipulate that your bike is locked, regardless of the security of the surroundings.

What you lock your bike up with.

Use 2 types of gold 'Sold Secure' standard locks. Some policies specifically require this for a successful claim. Using 2 types of lock can further deter criminals as quality locks are harder to cut away from you bike and will take longer to cut through which could draw attention to the thief.

Register your bike.

Ensure you get your bike registered at BikeRegister. This is a visual deterrent to thieves; if they are caught in possession of a registered bike, you can be reunited with it and press charges leading to their arrest. Additionally it also means that if you ever lose your bike keys, you have a way to prove that you are not breaking into a bike that is not your own.

Along with the bike register number, you should also record the frame number from between the pedals or under the saddle near the back wheel along with any other features to describe your bike and keep a picture on your phone or cloud drive.

Got quick release parts?

If you've got a handy quick release saddle or wheels, you could find that a thief finds them easy to release too. You can either take them with you after locking your bike but that's not always the most convenient, depending on where you're going. Or you could lock the wheel or saddle with your bike lock to the rest of the bike and bike stand. Not only will it take up additional space within your lock, reducing the opportunity for a thief to manoeuvre the lock to allow them space to break into it, it will also keep your items safe.

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