Help! What Can I Do With This Awkward Space?

Whether it's a long hallway you could play cricket in, that funny bit at the end of the kitchen, or an odd-shaped box bedroom, every home has an awkward space you don't know what to do with. Whatever you do to it, it never fits in with the rest of your decor, everything you put there looks out of place so eventually you give up, leaving it unused and unloved. The Dulux Amazing Space designers work to help people transform spaces of all shapes and sizes and are sharing their tips for how to fall in love with your awkward home spaces with us.

Overcome the awkwardness


This little corner could end up looking neglected. Instead it's bright, light and welcoming, the plants inject life and energy, and give the space a purpose. We'd happily hang out there with a cold drink and an interior design mag.

You can create the same effect with one large plant (or several small ones) and that's all a little nook like this needs. If you want to perfect the minimalist look, try hanging a group of pictures nearby (or you could even have a go at a still life).

Make an entrance


Large hallways can feel like a barren wasteland but it's really easy to bring them to life. For the more traditional look, try dressing a console table with a side lamp and a few well-chosen accessories, and pair it with a picture gallery. Above, they've created some storage under the table too, so without adding lots of furniture or clutter the hallway is serving several functions.

Curl up and enjoy a good book


You can't have too many cosy spaces to relax with a good book so a reading chair is always a brilliant way of using a small corner. When you're hunting for the perfect armchair look out for tub chairs (like this one above) they're super-comfy and smaller than most other armchairs so they tend to fit into awkward spaces. Once you've chosen your chair, dress it with a contrasting cushion in a bold colour or texture and a cute side table to complete the look.

Put it out there


It's in vogue to use open shelving to dress and organise your home at the moment. There may be some things you want to hide away but what about those gorgeous accessories you want to show off? You'll find shelving units in all sorts of different shapes and sizes to fit odd-shaped corners, so you can turn them into a design feature and create extra storage.

Working 9-5


Do you have an empty space under the stairs (possibly housing lots of shoes and schoolbags)? How about turning it into an office space for you or a homework station for the kids? It's easy to set up a stylish-looking office without making it feel cluttered or over-furnished. Our top tip is to buy a desk with drawers so that you can hide your paperwork away at the end of the day and relax.

Think inside the box


Another wonderful way of transforming an unused space is by creating a gallery and storage area like this one. By mixing up all sorts of colourful accessories, with different sizes, shapes and colours, it has a really eclectic feel and bags of personality. The other benefit of this fantastic idea is that the cubes are all separate so you can stack them up in any formation to fit into an awkward space.

Out of sight


If you have an alcove you're not making good use of, have you ever thought of turning it into a small-but-perfectly-formed desk area? It's a great way of saving space, it's practical, looks fantastic and is really easy to put together.

If you can't build a desk into the alcove like the one above, you could always just add a solid shelf. Then dress the area with a small accent chair, which you can always use around the house when you're not at the desk.

The Dulux Amazing Space designers love to talk design and you can take advantage of their expertise by booking an online design consultation for £75 per room. Book online at Dulux Amazing Space.

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