Have an app-ier Christmas


It can be stressful, all this celebrating. Have you properly glazed the Christmas ham? Has the budget been blown again? How are you going to keep the kids amused all day? How are you going to keep yourself amused all day?

Let technology come to the rescue. Download these handy apps this year and let them smooth out your festive wrinkles. From recipes to educational-yet-fun activities for you, the kids and the neigbours that won't go home - these apps may just help keep you feeling goodwill to all men. And like the best things in life, many of them are free.

“Let technology come to the rescue. Download these handy apps this year and let them smooth out your festive wrinkles.”

No More Socks: The Christmas List Genius
Available for iOS
Cost: £2.99
Shop, research, budget, note ideas, log what you’ve bought people previously – it’s all available to do on this flexible little gem. The most popular Christmas app four years running at iTunes and has also been recommended by The Evening Standard, MacWorld and more.

Christmas Recipes; Hot Drinks (Android)
Christmas Recipes - Winter Drinks for the Holiday Season! (iOS)
Available for Android and iOS
Cost: Free, or a version without ads is available for 83p on Android, 99p on iOS
Bring on the Christmas cheer! Tasty warm beverages from around the world are easy-peasy to throw together with this handy app. Options include Champagne punch, Parisienne plum coffee, cinnamon milk, warm advent chocolate, German eggnog, Gluhwein and more. We’re in the spirit already...

Christmas Trivia
Available for Android
Cost: Free
Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? This app will challenge you with 250 questions on Christmas movies, traditions, history, food and music. That’s got to kill a couple of horus when you're stuck making small talk with distant relatives.

Christmas Colouring Book!
Available for iOS
Cost: Free
Those loud toys the kids get each Christmas are all well and good, but they can increase the hyperactivity level. Calm them down by sitting quietly and getting back to basics with some colouring in. This app is easy for kids of all ages to use and works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Christmas Photo Frames
Available on Android
Cost: Free to download, then 63p per item
We're all guilty of taking selfies nowadays. Get the group together and use this handy app to give those pics a festive feel. Add a Christmassy border, whack a pair of antlers or Santa hat on grandpa, winterise the background – the choices are endless. Share with friends or relatives that can’t be there over Twitter or Facebook, or send as an e-card.

BBC Good Food Magazine
Available on iOS and Windows Phone
Cost: Free for a one-month trial, then various options available
Don't squirrel yourself away in the kitchen stressing out about your Christmas spread. Download the Good Food app and you’ll avoid any disasters with their abundance of simple recipes, hints and tools. If you’re up for a challenge, the Festive Cookbook (an in-app purchase), features some fancier Chrimbo fare, such as a decadent red wine baste for your turkey and brussels with a hazelnut and orange butter.

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