Gift wrapping secrets


Impress friends and family this Christmas with these techniques on how to wrap your presents like a professional. We’ve scoured YouTube to find the best step-by-step videos to make your present prep easy and fun. 

"Whether you wrap fast or slow, simple or fancy, use these techniques to express your love and creativity this season."

The diagonal method

The Japanese have a knack for perfection, but you don't need to learn intricate origami to wrap gifts beautifully and efficiently using the diagonal method. Watch this employee of Japan's Takashimaya department store wrap two gifts in just 28 seconds with just one sheet of paper, a bit of tape and a couple of creases.


The meditation method

Some people find that spending time in each moment reduces overall anxiety. Wrapping doesn't need to feel rushed or frantic. Take your time and do it perfectly, like The ASMR Angel, who wraps without so much as a whisper. You'll only hear the crinkling of paper and the sound of your heartbeat if you make it a reverential experience. Sit down, relax and master the art.


The pyramid scheme

To uniquely wrap a small gift, Sara at Sara Beauty Corner suggests creating a pyramid. All you'll need is coloured paper, ribbon, a ruler, pencil, a hole punch and scissors. 


Sara also has excellent ideas on how to personalise each gift. She likes to use materials that reflect the interests of the person on the receiving end (e.g. a map for a traveller, newspaper for a politics junkie or sheet music for a composer). She also suggests novel ways to decorate each package, such as paper cutout snowflakes to wrap around it, or using leftover crafts such as baubles and beads to embellish your wrap and make it stand out.  

The flared fan method

Pleats are a great look that can be easily done using wrapping, or tissue paper. Fold five or more lines, accordion style, then go back and double up each pleat, place the gift in the center, and wrap it up as usual. When finished, flare up the pleats to give it an eye-catching special effect. Watch professional gift wrap artist Shiho master this technique. 


The bottle method

When giving bottles of wine or champagne, there's a tendency to just pop it in a gift bag and be done with it. This elegant wrapping alternative doesn't require tape, and will save on the gift bag too. Start by doubling the tissue and rolling the bottle up inside. Keep the paper at the bottom of the bottle flat and tuck it in as you go. Tie a beautiful top-knot of string or ribbon, et voilà!

One doesn't judge a book by its cover, but you might judged for the standard of wrapping on the gifts you put under the Christmas tree. Whether you wrap fast or slow, simple or fancy, these techniques should help you express your love and creativity this festive season.  



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