Financial checklist for travelling abroad

You've packed your passport, tickets, summer clothes, sun cream and as many pieces of footwear you could squeeze in. That's everything, right?

Not quite. This post will help you to tick off some of the financial 'to-dos' that'll help your holiday run smoothly.

Before you go

Tell your bank where you're going

You've queued for at least 15 minutes to buy those ice creams you promised the children. You get to the checkout and not only have they melted, but your card's been stopped and you've no cash. To save embarrassment and the forlorn look on your kids' faces, remember to tell your bank or credit card issuer where you're visiting before you set off.

Set up online banking

It's easy to get carried away on holiday and in many countries, you might be unable to view your balance at ATMs. It's worth setting up online banking so you can keep tabs on your spending - like how many pina coladas you bought at the bar last night. And if your bank provides a mobile app or mobile-friendly online banking, you can easily check your balance on the go.

Get a top-up currency card

If you don't want to carry around a large wad of currency or use your bank card while abroad, consider getting a currency card. There are a number of currency card providers, with many offering competitive exchange rates and no transaction or withdrawal fees.

Pack a variety of payment methods

Even if you only intend to use one of your cards while away, it's wise to take one or more ways to pay. You could lose your card, have an unexpected outlay, or your main card could be blocked and you need another way to make a payment.

Take proof of travel insurance

Holiday insurance - it's definitely an essential when you're heading abroad. But it's not so useful if you leave your documents at home. Don't forget to pack your certificate of insurance and note down telephone numbers in case you need to claim while away.

While you're away

Keep your receipts

Are you one of those people who has bags or pockets stuffed with receipts? Then don't break the habit of a lifetime while you're on holiday. If you want to claim back for items you've purchased that are lost or stolen, your travel insurance provider will likely want to see proof of purchase.

When you're home

Check your bank and credit card statements

Running up a large credit bill is bad enough, without having a fraudster adding to it. At least the latter can be easily dealt with, especially if you're quick to notice something suspect on your account. Thoroughly check all transactions on your credit card or bank account when you're home. If something looks strange your bank or card issuer can put you through to their fraud team.

Why not search 'holiday checklist' online to find more tips on what to take with you.



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