Transforming an Outdated Space into a Designer's Dream

Fritha Strickland, a Bristol-based blogger shares her home renovation and design experience with TSB.

When we bought our home we knew that it was one of those places that would need a bit of work to put our stamp on it. The colour scheme was very beige and dated, and being a fan of colour and bright statement pieces, I was excited about the challenge to make it our own.

Fritha Quinn before living room

We replaced the laminate flooring with wooden flooring which made a huge difference to the feel of the room. In terms of renovations, the large jobs were changing the window at the back of the room to French doors and also adding bi-fold doors to the middle of the room to create two spaces. We keep the doors open 90% of the time but it helps to be able to organise our furniture into two sections and not make the space feel overwhelmingly large as it did before .

In hindsight we actually found working on our home quite a struggle to begin with as we didn't have a clear idea of what we wanted. We only really had each other to bounce ideas off and, whilst we both love the space now, it's taken a good few years to get it to this stage. I think getting a pair of 'fresh eyes' to view a space is a great way to give you inspiration.


Fritha Quinn_living_dinning_room



Fritha Quinn_living_room_french_doors


I'd always loved the idea of moving the radiators off the floor to create more space and give a tidier finish so we moved them to the walls and set about making the walls crisp and white. We got a friend who is a plumber to help us with this part and bought the radiators from ebay (when he had checked over the listing to make sure they were what we needed).

It was a really cheap job that's changed the space quite a lot and made it a little bigger too. The previous owners had capped off the fireplaces so we were left with two spaces that stuck out from the rest of the wall. We felt like embracing this and turned them into a feature wall with bold patterned wallpaper on one side and a bright turquoise paint that feels really 'us' on the other.


Fritha Quinn_me_painting


Fritha Quinn_living_room_2


We used a mixture of vintage and modern furniture with a Scandinavian feel to complete the look and lots of pops of colour that come from my children's toys and our own ornaments and displays. We then went for a grey colour scheme for the large sofa, dresser and prints to soften out all the intense colours we used with the rest of the space. We chose a large rug for the floor so our children can play on it and to give a softer homely feel to that part of the room.

Fritha Quinn_play_toys_living_room


Although we did change a few things like the doors and flooring, most of the work in our living/dining area was cosmetic. I think it's amazing how much a splash of paint and some well-thought furniture purchases can really transform a space.


Fritha Quinn_reading_nook_dinning_room

I hope you like what we've done with the space. We really feel at home amongst all the colour and the patterns and prints! 

Fritha's next project is coming together with the help of the Dulux Amazing Spaces team. Take a look at the progress on her blog here.


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