An inspiring children's room makeover

We're featuring a series of home improvement heroes who've improved an area of their home with straightforward fixes. Eleanor designed a new children's room with her daughter Amy with the help of the Dulux Amazing Space Designers.

"I'm not the best when it comes to interior design. We'd always struggled with Amy's room, she wasn't really a fan of pink, and whilst I loved the muted pink we had in there, it just wasn't a place she felt that was hers. In her words 'it's someone else's design'.


Amy loves sweets - and whilst she can't eat them as often as she'd like, she was really inspired by the idea of a sweetie bedroom. We liked the Dulux Amazing Space Designers' idea of a child-led design so we did the brief for the designers together. We supervised Amy in creating a mood board using Pinterest and helping her pick up on the things that the pictures had in common to create a theme for her room.

She loved having the online consultation and with only a few tweaks to the colours, we had our perfect design which has remained focussed on sweeties, with candy stripes and a delicious mural of gum drops and lollypops. The decorator wasn't fazed by the stripes, tackling it with a laser guide and some masking tape.


The Designers also made some fantastic recommendations for furniture although we are still saving for the recommended hanging chair, but Amy loves her space now. She has a desk she can do her homework at and plays in there all the time. It definitely seems to be tidier more often as the designers really considered the need for storage in their design, keeping the under bed storage.

My decorator said at the time, "rather you than me", when I said we were using a room that Amy had designed herself but she loved the finished effect. It really does look amazing and it feels like a candy land.

I loved getting the Dulux designers input too; to choose colours that are playful and to choose durable paint. Perhaps it's not a forever room in terms of décor but there are a lot of elements that will grow with her; the hanging chair, the desk area and the all important storage. Overall we loved that she had the opportunity to design it and, if she grows out of it in 3 years we'll take a good picture of the mural to go in a print - then we'll paint something else that she's designed."

The Dulux Amazing Space designers love to talk design and you can take advantage of their expertise by booking an online design consultation for £75 per room. Book online at Dulux Amazing Space.

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