Top Tips for Creating a Room That Will Grow With Your Little One

Just like music and clothes, children's interior design tastes change as they get older. Millions of children around the country besotted with their Peppa Pig or Marvel superhero wallpaper will, in what seems like no time at all, be nagging their parents to redecorate their bedrooms.

We've teamed up with Dulux Amazing Space to ask for their top tips on how to create a room that grows with its owner. So if you don't want to buy new furniture and re-paint the walls every time your child asks for a bedroom makeover, this advice is for you.

Choose timeless pieces of furniture

When you're choosing larger pieces of furniture, a chest of drawers, wardrobe or bed, go for a white finish or a lovely warming oak as it will fit in with any colour scheme your children like (yes, even during their teen years).

It also gives you the flexibility to add colour, design and interest with the smaller items of furniture. Side tables make great bedside tables; they aren't expensive so you can replace them regularly.

Here are a few for inspiration… 

Yellow table


Wire table


Nested table

Pick a versatile colour palette

Go for a versatile scheme with a gorgeous base colour that you can adapt and update over the years. Greys are in at the moment and we love this beautiful soft grey hue, Dulux Rocksalt. You can add pretty much any other colour to it to build a beautiful scheme.

By adding pastels you'll create an adorable look, for when your child is young and adorable, then refresh it with brighter colours and patterns to make it more mature as they get older. 


QUICK TIP: Endurance + Matt is our most durable paint. It's 20x stronger than ordinary matt paint so it's ideal for a kids' bedroom.

Be storage smart

Kids grow out of toy boxes really quickly so could you convince them to use a storage box or basket instead? They won't grow out of it so fast, plus it will last for years and years as it witnesses its content slowly change from toys to books to school work to magazines and make-up.

As an added bonus for Mum and Dad, boxes and bags are easier to empty and pack away than a large toy box. There are some lovely ones around and there's a vast range of colours and designs to choose from: 

Felt organiser


Box organiser


Wicker organiser

The writing's on the wall

Younger children love to have a pin board or chalkboard they can use as a gallery space, either for hanging their artwork on or drawing on, like this one below. As they get older, they can either use it to keep track of their homework, make notes and tack reminders onto, or, if you've got an aspiring David Bailey or Tracey Emin on your hands, they can use it to hang their latest photographs or drawings. 

Black grey childs bedroom with red features

Update with accessories and soft furnishings

Revamping your child's bedroom with new soft furnishings and accessories, such as the cushions, curtains, bedding and rugs, is an easy and cost effective way of giving their room a totally different feel without having to touch the paintwork or buy any large pieces of furniture. And it's really good fun too. Just let the room's owner choose a bright new colour or their favourite pattern and ta-dah: a new bedroom.

Another of our money saving tips is to update the pictures on the walls with the occupant's artwork, favourite pics or patterned wallpaper and reuse the frames, like we've done in this gorgeous scheme: 

Pink and grey childs bedroom

The most important thing to remember when you look at the purple room covered in posters of pop stars that you've never heard of, think back to the princesses and dinosaurs that once adorned the same walls; they'll grow out of it!

The Dulux Amazing Space designers love to talk design and you can take advantage of their expertise by booking an online design consultation for £75 per room. Book online at Dulux Amazing Space.

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