Christmas lights to sparkle all year



Millions of Christmas trees will be lit up across the UK this year. But what do you do with your lights when the tree comes down in January?

Everyone can use a little more light in their lives, so here are a few creative ways to repurpose Christmas tree lights to decorate your home, brighten your surroundings and delight the family all year long.

"Create the illusion of a cosy fire by adding repurposed fairy lights behind some logs or twigs in the fireplace. Set them to twinkle for added ambiance."

For the kids

Fairy lights give off the perfect amount of night light glow to send children off to sleep without being afraid of the dark. Choose to decorate their door-frame, wrap the headboard, create an original art pattern on the wall, or animal constellations on the ceiling.

You can also employ carnival-type lighting in the kid's playroom or their fort in the back garden (if you’ve got outdoor lights, of course).

Indoor design

A nice transition from the Christmas tree is to swap the lights onto a houseplant. Whether you own a jade, lily, or ficus, draw attention to its glorious leaves with diffused lights in the evening.

You may want to frame your mirrors, the mantle, or the illusion of a cosy fire by adding repurposed fairy lights behind some logs or twigs in the fireplace. Set them to twinkle for added ambiance.

The same applies to empty wine bottles; pop a cluster of LED Christmas lights inside and lift the mood. Or illuminate a dark corner of your home with a metal bucket full of pine cones, or dramatic bare tree branches, shimmering with festive lights.


Are your lights suitable for outdoor use? Do you have a patio that would benefit from overhanging lights? What about highlighting a porch, balcony, or gazebo? Or a tree trunk, perhaps?

For an effective party atmosphere, string the lights above your summer patio gatherings. At the front of your home, line the drive or the walkway at night with glass jars filled with fairy lights. They will light the way forward and give off the effect of bottled bioluminescence - without harming any glow worms.

Green light

More than ever, consumers are choosing LED lights. They are extremely efficient and use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, promising to economise your electric bill and minimise your carbon footprint. With no filament or glass bulbs, they are also a lot less fragile.

Battery operated LED lights don't require a plug socket, and can also be put on a timer so you don't waste energy running them all night. Argos has some great options, as do White Stores.

If you caught Netflix's breakout hit Stranger Things you’ll know that Winona Ryder’s character communicated via Christmas lights strung up and blinking on her living room wall. We're not suggesting you'll be able to communicate with another realm, but why not follow your own instincts to brighten up your daily surroundings with fairy lights, and feel good and green about it at the same time.

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