Shhh! The best Secret Santa keeps it surprising

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Remember when the woman in sales got a gift voucher from her Secret Santa? Neither does she. It may be safer to keep it simple, but why do that when you can keep it fun and surprising? Here are a few fun ideas that will delight your co-workers and keep the office buzzing long after the silly season.  

"The important thing is to keep Secret Santa surprising, silly, and always searching for smiles."

Perhaps you know your colleague well; perhaps you don't. Be sure Santa's secrets are memorable, but know your audience: we don't want him or her to get into hot water with HR. If the colleague you're buying for is liable to blush with glee, push the envelope and pick up an apron of Michelangelo's David or the body of a Botticelli; a calendar of 2017's hottest firemen; a mini beer pong set; or why not a pack of Cards Against Humanity (the card game for horrible people)?

Stress relievers are perennial Secret Santa winners. Stress balls are a fun novelty and come in a variety of different shapes whose only purpose is to be violently crushed for your pleasure. A beautifully tingling head massager, Chinese meditation balls, and a desktop Zen garden are a triple threat to daily discontent. Did you know they even make a 'Get Along With Your Co-Workers' bubblegum?

Indulge the boss and prepare for a promotion with a 'World's Best Boss' mug or an 'Office Manager Survival Kit', which is a top seller on Ebay for just £6.95. Or go really silly at stores such as or, or support local businesses by finding your nearest high street joke shop and literally go to town.

Finally, a good book never goes unwanted. Check out the top sellers on Amazon or opt for a seasonal crowd pleaser like the 'Where's Wally? Santa Spectacular' which is a hit with adult kids (and their children too).

The important thing is to keep Secret Santa surprising, silly and always searching for smiles. If, after reading these suggestions, you still prefer to go with something simpler, then don't be afraid to haul out the old glue gun. You can put antlers and a red nose on just about anything… 




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