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Purchasing insurance to protect the things you want to keep safe often comes with the presumption that you'll never need to use that insurance. None of us want to have to make a claim, and the chances are, it's unlikely that you'll have the first clue where to start if you have to make a claim. A surprising number of those with insurance couldn't immediately recall who their insurer was.

We surveyed 200 people, 71% of whom do have home contents insurance. 56+% of our insured respondents didn't know how much their contents were insured for, with just over 22% feeling that they may be either over or under-insured.   

29% of our respondents didn't have insurance because they either didn't feel the need, hadn't thought about it or thought it was too expensive but with 92% of our non-insured respondents aged 55 or under, those with the least savings to replace those cherished items appear to be those taking the biggest risks. 

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    CJ Montague, Deputy Editor

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