Apple Pay coming to you soon

On Monday, Apple announced that their new mobile payments service, Apple Pay, will be coming to the UK later this summer. This is what we've been waiting for - not just for people like me who are into their gadgets - but also for anyone who wants a better banking experience.

Without getting too 'techie' about how it will work, you will simply register your TSB debit or credit card to your Apple device, then you will be able to start paying for things with Apple Pay in shops and within apps.

Apple Pay will make banking easier

The great news is that we'll be making Apple Pay compatible to almost all our debit and credit card customers - more than four million of them!

Using Apple Pay promises to be simple and Apple has a simple summary about how it works over on their website.

Apple Pay will revolutionise mobile payments

Apple Pay will revolutionise mobile payments because it makes banking a whole lot easier and that has got to be a good thing. Apple Pay has the potential to completely shake up the status quo.

We know that customers want to be able to bank how they want, when they want, where they want. This is why TSB is committed providing local banking on demand to customers across the country. Customers can rest assured in knowing that TSB Partners will be on hand to help in branches while we continue to invest in online and digital backing capabilities.

Allowing TSB customers to access Apple Pay through their debit and credit cards is just another example of TSB providing our customers with what they want, local banking on demand without the funny stuff.

Banking will continue to change - in a digital sense at least - beyond what banks have traditionally provided and TSB is committed to providing its customers the best service both on and offline.

Launch date for TSB

While I don't have an exact launch date yet, I can say that we're working on making Apple Pay compatible with our debit and credit cards as soon as we can.

We're really excited by this development, and I'll post an update to this blog as soon as I have more information.

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