Note from Helen Rose and TSB Complaints Data 2016

A note from Helen Rose, Chief Operating Officer

As we near our third birthday, we're welcoming more customers than ever. Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and with 1,250 new customers a day choosing to trust us with their money, it is more important than ever that we listen to them.

Customers are the driving force in changing what we do, and without their feedback we wouldn't be able to improve the way we do things, so we're very grateful when they take time out of their day to let us know when things haven't gone to plan. 

We're continually working to not only reduce the number of complaints we receive, but to resolve those we do as quickly as we can. There will always be work to be done, but we are making progress.

The FCA asks all banks to contextualise their performance by measuring how many reportable complaints are received per 1,000 accounts.

Complaints relating to Home Finances (which includes mortgages) reduced to 2.8 complaints per 1,000 bank accounts (compared to 3.2 during the last six months of 2015).

We reported 1.6 complaints per 1,000 bank accounts for complaints relating to Banking and Credit Cards compared to 1.7 during the last six months of 2015.

However, if you exclude 'legacy issues' which includes some products sold before we separated from Lloyds Banking Group the number of complaints reported drops to 1 per every 1,000 bank accounts.

While we always try to do everything we can to provide exceptional service to our customers, sometimes things don't go to plan. When something has gone wrong we work hard to not only resolve it, but to prevent it happening again - even if it means changing the way we do things.

For example, as a result of talking to our customers we made changes to the way we share documents relating to Power of Attorney or following a bereavement to make life a little less stressful for customers during difficult times. We have also introduced a 'buddy' system within our team of mortgage advisors so that customers can talk to someone who is familiar with their needs.

In doing this we have not only reduced the total number of complaints we receive, we have also resolved those we do receive faster. Over the last six months we resolved 90 per cent of our complaints (excluding legacy issues) within five working days.

These efforts form part of our wider commitment to bringing better banking to Britain - which has not only seen more customers choose to join us, it has helped us to become Britain's most recommended high street bank.

However, far from becoming complacent, we understand there is still more work to be done and we will continue listening to our customers to make sure we provide the kind of banking they want and deserve. If you have any comments you'd like to share with us you can do it here.

Regards, Helen.

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