Payments security process

We use a leading edge security and anti-fraud system called Enhanced Internet Authentication (EIA) to make you even safer online. When you set up a new recipient, standing order or credit card payment, we’ll give you a call to ensure that the instruction is coming from you. 

When you set up a new recipient, credit card payment or standing order, we will call you to make sure the instruction is genuinely coming from you. All you need is a telephone near you. You'll be able to choose which number we call you on, provided it's a number we already hold for you. You'll receive an automated call asking you to confirm details about your transaction and then to enter a four digit number that will appear on your computer screen into your telephone keypad. The whole process takes less than a minute and you can see it on our demo.

Please make sure your contact details are up-to-date: log on to Internet Banking, then select Personal Details from the left-hand menu.

We're constantly improving our security to prevent online fraud and this is another measure to make you even safer online. If a fraudster acquires your login details and gains access to your accounts, they are unlikely to have access to your phone as well. Without your phone, they won't be able to transfer money away from your accounts.

No, you will only receive a phone call when you create a new beneficiary, set up a new standing order or a new payment to a credit card.

Unfortunately, if we don't hold any number for you, you will need to call us on 0345 835 3847  (from abroad 02032 841 578 ) so we can set up the instruction for you. However, please make sure that you update your Personal Details for future use (in Internet Banking select Personal Details in the left hand menu).

We can call you on any number in the UK as long as it's not a premium number (e.g. starting with 09). We can also call you on any international number.

We're constantly improving our security to prevent online fraud and have put in place security measures which we believe are best suited to the needs of our customers: business accounts can be more complex, with many users accessing accounts for different reasons at different times. We're introducing card readers to help identify users and to authorise the release of money from business accounts. We hope that it will also allow us to offer other online business related services in the future, such as International Payments and increased transaction limits.

Our personal Internet Banking has different security processes, which we believe are more convenient and better suit the needs of our personal customers such as the outbound call process which personal customer follow to set up new recipients on Internet Banking.

For security reasons, we're only able to call you on numbers we already hold. New telephone numbers entered may take a few days to become active. If we don't hold any other numbers for you that you can use you will be directed to our telephone support team who'll be able to assist you.

Please call our fraud prevention team on 08000 968 669  (from abroad +44 (0)1733 286359 ) who are open 24/7. Calls may be recorded.

No, however your mobile service provider may charge you for receiving the call if you are abroad.

To use this service you need to be able to receive a call from us, confirm details that are relayed to you and then enter a four digit number into the telephone keypad which will be displayed on your computer screen. If you are unable to do this then please visit your local branch or contact us by textphone and we will arrange the payment for you.

Report it

If you think you are a potential victim of fraud, please contact us as soon as possible.

Call: 03459 758 758

Textphone: 0345 835 3843

If you have received a suspicious email, please do not respond to it but forward it to

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