We’re part of a bigger banking group now and an even stronger challenger bank.

TSB is now part of the Spanish banking group Sabadell. This is an exciting new chapter in our story, but what does it mean for you? 

We’re still TSB
We’re still called TSB, we’ll look the same, our mission’s the same, and we’ll support you in the same way. And Sabadell wants us to continue to build on our good name and proud heritage to bring more competition to the UK market.
That has to be good for Britain and UK banking.
We’ve a lot in common with the Sabadell Group
Sabadell is Spain’s fifth largest banking group and, like TSB, its roots go back to the nineteenth century. We share very similar values with strong traditions of focusing on and supporting hard working local people and businesses.
The Sabadell Group operates all over the world including the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We have joined as their UK banking arm.
In short, by joining up with Sabadell, we’ll be better equipped to bring our shared belief in local banking to more people, communities and small businesses right across Britain.
We’ll still look after your money in exactly the same way
Your money is as secure as it’s always been. The people who launched TSB with the vision of creating a different kind of bank will still be in charge and make the decisions which affect our customers here in the UK.
TSB will still be regulated in the same way and your money will continue to have the same protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
As part of the Sabadell Group, we’ll still be very much a UK bank, and be even better positioned to bring more competition to banking in the UK.
We’re passionate about local banking for Britain
Local banking is absolutely at the heart of everything we do, and becoming part of the Sabadell Group doesn’t change that. We’ll continue to put the money our customers save with us to work supporting loans and mortgages for other TSB customers.
That’s it. Full stop.
We’re always here to serve your local banking needs
We believe it’s important that you can bank with us however, wherever, whenever you choose, and we always offer the same neighbourly service whether that’s in your local branch, online or on your mobile. We call this local banking on demand, banking that’s in your interests and on your terms.

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About Sabadell

Sabadell is the fifth largest banking group in Spain. It is a strong competitor in its home market and has developed a successful international presence in the US. 

Sabadell and TSB share similar values. Both uphold the traditional principles on which they were established, and strive to continuously deliver the very best for customers. 



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