Why TSB Partners are TSB Partners.

We’re different

It’s easy to think the big banks exist for the benefit of the bankers who run them, not for the people who use them. TSB on the other hand was set up to help hard-working local people and their communities, right across Britain. 

We’re not interested in trying to make a fast profit at the expense of our customers. We’d rather profit with them. Not from them.

We’re all Partners

We know that when customers are happy they’ll want to carry on banking with us. And a good way to make sure they are happy is by working in partnership.

That’s why we’re all called Partners. And why we’re rewarded when we actively help people, not just sell them things. It’s also why we don’t have sales targets, so there’s nothing to distract us from doing just that.

We thrive together

Every single Partner can share in the bank’s success through the TSB Award. It’s given out for delivering brilliant service (which means doing as much as we can to serve your interests) and, of course, when the bank makes a profit.

And enjoy a little Plusness

Like every great partnership, the more you put into it, the more you get out. At TSB we call this Plusness.

The more business our customers do with us, the more Plusness they get in return. And the more Plusness local people all over Britain get, the more they thrive.

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Local banking supporting local people

We're about helping local people and businesses to thrive, and every one of our branches supports a local charity that's been chosen by the local community.

Our Local Charity of the Month



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