Creating a truly inclusive workplace

30 September 2020

Creating an inclusive workplace really matters to us at TSB. We know that only when businesses reflect the communities they serve, and create an environment where everyone feels able to be themselves, can they truly deliver for customers.

Our Do What Matters plan, launched in 2020, sets out four key goals to create a truly inclusive workplace:

  • Creating a TSB for everyone through our behaviours and ways of working
  • Building a diverse and balanced workforce that reflects the customers we serve
  • Putting accessibility at the heart of our approach to inclusion and building confidence to have conversations on mental health internally and with customers
  • Supporting social mobility in local communities

Building a diverse and balanced workforce includes our continued commitment to achieving an equal balance of men and women at all levels of the organisation.

Gender balance update

TSB’s target is to achieve 45-55% of senior roles held by women by 2025.

In August 2020 66% of TSB’s workforce, 38% of senior managers, 30% of TSB’s Executive Committee and 38% of TSB’s Board members are female.

We are working to achieve gender balance by:

  1. Planning for gender balance – we design our teams and roles with diversity in mind, and we want all of our people managers to be aware of their biases as they make decisions.

    One way we’re doing that: By the end of 2021 every line manager will have completed bias awareness training as part of our line manager curriculum, equipping them to be aware of their biases and how to manage the influence they have on decision making.

  2. Attracting female talent – we market our roles to reach diverse talent pools and strive for gender balance through the recruitment pipeline.

    One way we’re doing that: As we built our technology centre in Edinburgh throughout 2020 we have worked with targeted job boards and talent communities to reach and attract female candidates, and we continue to strengthen these relationships

  3. Developing female talent – we are building and supporting talent pipelines across TSB.

    One way we’re doing that: In 2020 we are designing a new talent development scheme following conversations with senior women and men across TSB about the barriers to achieving gender balance, and their development priorities. The objective is to improve internal talent mobility and strengthen the diversity of our teams.

  4. Creating an inclusive culture – through our behaviours, ways of working and policies we are creating a TSB for everyone.

    One way we’re doing that: We understand that combining caring responsibilities with work can often be challenging and in June 2020 TSB launched a Carer’s policy to support our working carers when they need it most.

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