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87% of TSB's local charity partners reported both financial and non financial benefits to the partnership. Over two-thirds (68%) said the partnership had helped to raise their profile locally and almost half (46%) reported it had helped to boost staff and volunteer morale.

More charities reported that they had been able to expand existing services to help more people (47%) and provide new services/activity (25%) or maintain existing ones that were at risk of being stopped (25%).

Leverage was evident from the benefits reported with one in five charities reporting that they had been able to secure additional funding or support as a result of the partnership.

2015 in numbers

TSB Partners certainly aren’t shy of raising a few pounds for great local causes and they’ve been running, baking, cycling, parading piggy banks throughout the year to help fund local causes across Britain.

In fact, the local approach we take helped make 2015 our best ever for fundraising, with TSB Partners raising more than half a million pounds – almost double the amount raised in 2014. And when you add in TSB’s donations – like our £100 Christmas donations – we’ve handed over cheques totalling £824,000 to good causes.

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