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TSB Partners certainly aren’t shy of raising a few pounds for great local causes. 2018 saw them running, baking, dressing up, cycling and even jumping out of planes to fundraise. Through local fundraisers and our national Hike it, Bike it, Bake it events, TSB Partners and customers have raised more than £2 million pounds for our charity partners since 2015.

And when you add in TSB’s contribution – like our Local Community Fund and Christmas donations – we’ve handed over cheques totalling £3 million to local causes.

At the end of our partnerships we ask our charity partners for feedback. 87% of TSB's 2016/17 local charity partners reported both financial and non-financial benefits to the partnership. Over half (56%) said the partnership had helped to raise their profile locally, which in turn had helped reach new people within the local community.

Find out how you can get involved and nominate a local cause for the charity partnership programme.

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