Win up to £1,000 every month with Spend & Save Prize Draw.

Simply include the words ‘My Dream’ in a new or existing Savings Pot and we’ll enter you into our £10,000 Spend & Save Prize Draw.

55 winners every month

Every month, we'll pick 5 lucky winners to receive £1,000 and 50 winners to receive £100.

To be in with a chance of winning, make sure your Savings Pot has 'My Dream' included in the name and a minimum balance of £10 by 7pm on the last working day of each month.

Important information

The prize draw will run monthly from 1 Nov 2021 to 31 May 2022. A minimum balance of £10 is needed in your Savings Pot by 7pm on the last working day of the month. One entry per customer. 18+ and UK resident only.

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How to set up 'My Dream' Savings Pot

1. Log in

Log in to your TSB Mobile Banking App.

2. Open a Savings Pot

Tap your Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account’s drop-down menu. Select ‘Open a Savings Pot’.

3. Rename

Rename your Savings Pot to include ‘My Dream’. Keep at least £10 in it and we’ll enter you into the prize draw each month.

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Renaming a Savings Pot: You can do this using our mobile banking app when you're opening an account or using the Manage Savings Pot features if you already have one.

Why choose Savings Pots

  • Set up individual Savings Pots and earn interest along the way.
  • Set yourself goals and track how your Savings Pots are growing.
  • Put money aside for things that really matter to you.

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