Legal - Control Account Terms and Conditions

1.  Where Control applies to your account, we’ll not treat a request to make a payment out of your account for which you don’t have available funds as a request for an Unarranged Overdraft (or for an increase in an Unarranged Overdraft), except where:

(a)  you use your card to make a payment at a retailer in one of the limited situations where the retailer doesn’t or isn’t able to check with us that you have available funds in your account before accepting payment; 

(b)    we have to take money out of your account when a cheque you paid in is returned unpaid. For further information see condition 10 of your Personal Banking terms and conditions; or

(c)  the Arranged Overdraft limit on your account is reduced, and you don’t have available funds to keep within your new Arranged Overdraft.

2.  We’ll charge you a monthly account fee of £10 for each month that you have Control on your account (if you add or stop Control part way through a month, we’ll only charge you for the period you have had it on your account). We’ll take this fee from your account on the last working day of each monthly billing period after Control has been added to your account. The monthly billing period can vary but it’s generally from the second day of each calendar month to the first day of the next calendar month. You can find out your monthly billing period by asking in a branch or by calling us on 03459 758 758.

3.  Where Control applies to your account and you use only an Unarranged Overdraft you’ll not be charged the normal Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee or any Unarranged Overdraft Daily Fees. Interest will still be charged.

4.  Where you don’t have available funds to make a payment and we don’t treat the payment as a request for an Unarranged Overdraft, you’ll not be able to make that payment (we’ll write to tell you of this). You’ll not be charged a Returned Item Fee.

5. To apply Control to payments you ask us to make by using your Visa debit card, we may replace your TSB Visa debit card with a new Visa debit card. If we do, when you receive your new Visa debit card you must immediately destroy all other cards linked to your account.

6.  Charges and fees applicable to any Arranged Overdraft which you may have will be unaffected by the addition of Control to your account. For details of our current Arranged Overdraft fees and charges please refer to our Banking Charges Guide, online at or by calling 03459 758 758.

7.  Control is only available for Classic accounts, including those with Plus or Enhance.

8.  If you want to stop Control applying to your account, you can tell us at any branch or by calling 03459 758 758.

9.  We’ll stop applying Control to your account if: 

(a)  you change your account so that it is no longer a Classic account; 

(b)  you ask us to add Plus to your account, unless you expressly tell us you want Control to continue applying to your account; or

(c)  you ask us to cancel Plus or Enhance, unless you expressly tell us you want Control to continue applying to your account.

10.  When we stop applying Control to your account, we’ll write to you to tell you this has happened.

11.  These terms and conditions add to and should be read with the Personal Banking terms and conditions. 



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