Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How were my accounts impacted by the change?

A: We have reduced the rates on most of our variable rate accounts. Please click here to find out the new rates and which accounts were impacted

Q: Why was my rate reduced?

A: We regularly review our savings rates to make sure we offer fair and competitive rates for our customers. As part of a recent review, we made the decision to reduce the interest rates on our variable savings accounts.

Q: When will my rate be reduced?

A: The new rates will be effective from 10 September 2019.

Q: Were my Fixed Rate Cash ISA, Fixed Term Bond or Monthly Saver interest rates reduced?

A: No. Theses accounts pay a fixed rate of interest and they were not changed as part of this review. However, if you did not provide us with a maturity instruction when your fixed term ended then we will transfer the balance in your account to a variable rate account, which was impacted by this change. We always contact customers before maturity with maturity options.

Q: How can I make the most of my savings?

A: As we changed the interest rate on your savings account, you do have the option to close your account or easily move your money to another account with us or another bank, without charge, at any time. We do offer other instant access and fixed rate accounts that you may be eligible for.

You can visit us in your local branch or find out about other ways we can help you save by visiting our savings pages online.

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