Contents insurance

Insure the things in your home from furniture, ornaments and carpets to gadgets like TVs, DVD players, game consoles, mobile phones and bikes - if they’re in your house, garage, garden or shed.

We have three levels of contents cover for you to choose from:

  1. contents insurance – our most comprehensive contents insurance giving you unlimited cover if your home has 5 bedrooms or fewer.
  1. starter contents insurance – don’t need unlimited contents cover or don’t want to insure all your possessions? Choose how much cover you need from £2,000 to £15,000
  2. students contents insurance – designed for students with cover from £2,000 to £15,000

You can also compare our contents insurance to help you decide on the right cover for you.

What does contents insurance cover?

With Pick and Protect contents insurance we’ll cover:

  • loss, damage and theft of your possessions while they're in your home, outbuildings or garden
  • damage caused by extreme weather such as storms, lightning and floods, as well as falling trees and fire 
  • emergency access to your home in a medical emergency or in order to prevent damage to your home
  • replacement locks if keys are lost or stolen
  • accidental loss of heating fuel and metered water 
  • food in freezers up to £500
  • loss of rent and the cost of alternative accommodation up to £20,000
  • occupier’s and personal liability up to £2 million, employer’s liability up to £10 million
  • business equipment if you work from home up to £5,000
  • tenant’s liability and improvements up to £10,000. Landlords insurance is also available 
  • title deeds if they are lost or damaged and need to be prepared again
  • undamaged matching items within the same room if one of the items is damaged such as sofas or wardrobes
  • possessions lost or damaged when being moved by professional removers
  • money in your home up to £500 in cash (including cheques or postal orders, gift vouchers, season tickets, travel tickets and travellers cheques) 
  • gardening equipment
  • mobility vehicles like wheelchairs

Terms, conditions and policy exclusions apply. Must be a UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.

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Must be a UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers the items in your home for loss, theft and damage. 



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Must be UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.

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What are the main exclusions from contents insurance?

You won’t be able to claim for:

  • cover away from your house, garage, garden or shed for gadgets, personal itemsbikes or other sports equipment. Separate cover is available for each of these
  • damage caused by wear and tear, or any damage that happens gradually
  • accidental damage. You can tailor your policy with our Contents Accidental Damage cover when you get your quote
  • loss or damage when your home is unoccupied longer than agreed
  • motorised vehicles, aircraft, caravans, watercraft of any kind
  • theft in from communal areas of self-contained flats

You can see the full list of exclusions in the Policy Document.

Contents insurance enhancements

When you take out your contents insurance you can also increase your cover to include:

  • Contents Accidental Damage cover – insures your contents against accidents from your TV or laptop breaking, dropping your mobile phone at home or spilling wine on your carpets
  • Contents Working from Home cover – insures you against loss or damage to office equipment, supplies and furnishings while in the home between £6,000 and £15,000 (includes samples and stock up to £1,000)
  • Students Contents Extension – insures a full time student’s contents up to £5,000 whilst away from the main home
  • Contents Protected No-Claims Discount – make two claims within a 5 year period without losing your no-claims discount and without affecting your policy price when you renew

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How to save on your contents insurance policy

Get £5 off your policy with any other cover you take out. T&Cs apply. We may change or remove this special offer at any time. Although we’ll give reasonable notice if we do.

You can add the following when you apply:

  • buildings insurance so the bricks, mortar, fixtures and fittings of your main home are insured. 
    See our home insurance page to get a combined quote
  • personal items insurance so things like your jewellery, watches, clothes, bags, musical instruments and books are covered anywhere in the world not just within your home
  • gadget, bike and sports equipment insurance so you’re insured against accidental loss, damage or theft of these items anywhere in the world not just within your home

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How do I cover my children’s things when they’re away studying?

If you would like to cover your children’s things while they are studying full-time away from home, you could extend your contents insurance to include the Student Contents Extension when you apply or add it onto your policy before they move into student accommodation.

This way you’ll all be insured under one policy and if you haven’t made a claim already it could be cheaper than your children taking out students contents insurance themselves. However, the Student Contents Extension only covers contents temporarily removed to the student’s accommodation, up to £5,000 and any claims made by the student will affect your no-claims discount.  

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