How we're different

Who we are

Hello, we're TSB, and we're different from other banks. We don't do investment banking, overseas speculation or big corporate finance. We just serve individuals and local business customers – we call it "local banking".

Local banking with TSB means that the money belonging to local communities stays in local communities right here in Britain and nowhere else. We only use the money you deposit with us to lend to local people and businesses, which in turn makes all of our local economies stronger, and that will benefit you and your neighbours.

It also means we can focus on giving you the service you want from a bank – whether that's on your high street (we've got around 500 branches), through simple online banking or by our UK-based telephone banking team.

Our approach to banking

It's not always obvious what goes on in banks. But we believe our customers have the right to know what we do with their money.

Truth And Banking is our attempt at showing how a bank can be more open about what is does, how it makes money and a few other things beside.

Local Community Partnerships

See what your branches and offices are doing for  local communities across Britain.



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