Buildings insurance

What does buildings insurance cover?

With Pick and Protect buildings insurance we’ll cover:

  • damage caused by extreme weather (like storms, lightning, falling trees, floods), fire, and subsidence 
  • unlimited rebuild or repair costs for houses with five bedrooms or fewer
  • permanent fixtures in your home, as well as any outbuildings, boundary walls, gates, pools, drives and paths on your property
  • theft and vandalism
  • replacement locks if keys are lost or stolen
  • emergency access to your home in a medical emergency or in order to prevent damage to your home
  • loss of rent and the cost of alternative accommodation up to £100,000
  • tracing and accessing leaks up to £5,000
  • undamaged matching items such as a fixed bathroom suite, fitted furniture or tiles where one of the items is damaged, up to £10,000
  • your liability to the public as owner of your home up to £2 million
  • damage to your home between exchange and completion if you’re selling it

Terms, conditions and policy exclusions apply. Must be a UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.

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Must be a UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.


Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance can cover the cost of repairs for structural damage to your home, such as fire, flood, or theft. This lets you claim to repair your home’s bricks, mortar, fixtures and fittings. You only need buildings insurance if you own a property, including properties you own and let out.



It's important that you know what this insurance does and doesn't include. You'll find more details here.

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Must be UK resident and aged over 16 to apply.

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What are the main exclusions from buildings insurance?

You won’t be able to claim for:

  • damage caused by wear and tear, or any damage that happens gradually
  • accidental damage. You can tailor your policy by adding our Buildings Accidental Damage cover when you get a quote
  • damage caused by wet or dry rot
  • loss or damage that happens when your home is unoccupied for longer than agreed
  • liability as occupier of your home which covers thing like tiles falling from your roof and damaging someone’s car. This can be insured under contents cover
  • failure or damage to external locks, doors and windows. This can be insured under home emergency cover
  • damage to cables or underground pipes due to a fault or limit of design, manufacture, construction, or installation
  • damage caused by pets

You can see the full list of exclusions in the Policy Document.

Buildings insurance enhancements

When you take out your buildings insurance you can extend your cover to include:

  • Buildings Accidental Damage cover - insures your property against accidents for example, damage to doors or your kitchen hob
  • Buildings Protected No-Claims Discount – make two claims within a 5 year period without losing your no-claims discount and without affecting your policy price when you renew

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How to save on your buildings insurance policy

Get £5 off your policy with any other cover you take out. T&Cs apply. We may change or remove this special offer at any time. Although we’ll give reasonable notice if we do.

You can add the following when you apply:

  • contents insurance so the things in your home, garage or shed are covered 
  • personal items insurance so things like your jewellery, watches, clothes, bags, musical instruments and books are covered anywhere in the world not just within your home
  • gadget, bike and sports equipment insurance so you’re insured against accidental loss, damage or theft of these items anywhere in the world not just within your home

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How do I get a buildings and contents insurance quote?

You could save money if you take out buildings and contents insurance together versus buying them separately. 

See our home insurance page to get a combined buildings and contents quote.

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