Biometric authentication for iPhone and Samsung phones

iPhone Face ID

As a TSB customer, you'll be among the first in Europe to use face recognition technology - Face ID - to log into your banking app and make payments.

Apple's iPhone X was recently released and Face ID is one of its biggest features. It's another step forward from the popular fingerprint recognition feature, Touch ID. Face ID adds further security and convenience for you when you're banking on the go.

How do I set up Face ID on my iPhone X?

Download our TSB app from the App Store.

You'll see a message asking if you want to set up Face ID in the app. Tap 'Accept' to continue.

Enter your memorable information again to complete Face ID setup.

Biometric authentication - iPhone

Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass is a feature on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 phones. It lets you authenticate yourself using iris, fingerprint and face recognition instead of passwords.

It's quick. One glance gets you quickly logged in or your payments confirmed.

It's secure. Iris technology is currently the most secure type of biometric authentication, with 266 unique characteristics compared to 40 for fingerprints.

How do I set up Samsung Pass on my Galaxy S8 or Note 8?

If you have a Galaxy S8 or Note 8, there are two ways you can start the setup process for Samsung Pass:

In your phone settings, tap 'Lock screen and security' and then 'Samsung Pass'.

Or just open the TSB app, go to 'Settings' and then tap 'Biometric settings'.



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