Pay a Contact

An easy way to pay using your TSB account.

Pay a Contact lets you send payments to your friends and family from your personal TSB current account using only the recipient's mobile phone number (rather than their sort code and account number). It also lets you receive payments into your account from people you know using the same service.

Pay a Contact forms part of a wider service provided by participating banks and building societies which is being managed by the UK Payments Council, and is also known as  Paym.

To use Pay a Contact, for both sending and receiving payments, you need to be an Internet or Mobile Banking customer.

To receive payments into your account you must first register for Pay a Contact.

When sending a payment to another UK bank account using Pay a Contact, the destination account must also be registered with Paym.

Sending payments can be accessed from the Pay a Contact tab within the Payments section of Internet or Mobile Banking. The registration process for receiving them can be accessed from the bottom of the 'Change details' page.

To send a payment, follow these simple steps:

  • Log onto Internet or Mobile Banking and make sure you have the recipient's UK mobile phone number.
  • On your accounts page, select Pay a Contact and enter the recipient's phone number when prompted.
  • You do not need to register to start sending payments using Pay a Contact right away.
  • You will need to register if you want to receive any payments via Pay a Contact.

To receive payments, if you don't have a UK mobile phone number listed on our system, you'll need to add one and for security you will receive a call to authenticate this instruction. It will then be registered with your account.

You can register for Pay a Contact if:

  • You have an eligible TSB personal current account AND
  • Are registered for Internet or Mobile Banking AND
  • Are over 16 years of age AND
  • Have a UK mobile phone number

Making a payment to a contact, friend or family member couldn't be easier:

  • Log in to Internet or Mobile Banking and select the Pay a Contact tab.

  • You'll be asked to enter your contact's mobile phone number, the amount you'd like to pay them, a reference and a password.

  • If you've paid this person before their mobile phone details will be shown under Contacts in the drop down menu.

  • If this is the first time you've paid this contact we'll complete our usual security call to confirm you'd like to set up this contact as a new beneficiary.

  • If they are not already signed up to Paym with their bank you won't be able to send them a payment.

  • Any payment made using Pay a Contact will be shown on your statement as MPO - Mobile Payment Out.

You can send payments to anyone who has registered for the service through a  participating bank or building society¬†.

Once you register your mobile phone number with an eligible account for Pay a Contact, your friends and family can start sending you money straight away using just your mobile phone number. You can register up to three mobile phone numbers for Pay a Contact per account.

When a payment is received into your account via Pay a Contact you'll receive a text message (SMS) letting you know.

This message will confirm the sender's name, the amount being paid and the reference added by your contact.

Any payment made using Pay a Contact will be shown on your statement as MPI - Mobile Payment In.

In order to use Pay a Contact you will need to log in using your existing Internet or Mobile Banking login credentials.

Yes. You cannot use Pay a Contact to make a single payment of less than £1.00 or above the daily limit of £300.00.

Yes. To access and use Pay a Contact you will need to go through the same security checks you do for your Internet and Mobile Banking transactions.

Your mobile phone number, name and bank account details (sort code, account number and card number) will be recorded on the secure Paym central database. This database links your mobile phone number with the current account you've registered for Pay a Contact and has the same level of security in place as you'd have with any of our other banking services.

Only the information necessary to send and receive payments using just your mobile telephone number will be shared with participating Banks and Building Societies.