Doing what matters for customers

Doing what matters for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We’re focused on helping our customers to have money confidence every day to help manage their money better.

The scale of fraud in the UK is stark and continues to rise. UK Finance recorded over 1.6 million cases of fraud (both unauthorised and authorised) in the first half of 2021.  In just six months, the banking sector recorded losses of £355 million for Authorised Push Payment fraud alone – which emphasises the importance of customers receiving support through refunds from their bank, should they ever fall victim.

We are the only bank in the UK to offer a full refund to all our customers who are innocent victims of fraud, whether they are small businesses or individuals, through our fraud refund guarantee

“When I realised I had been scammed, I felt humiliated and distressed. My self-confidence was completely destroyed. The experience was like being sucked, due to my own vulnerability, into a whirlpool from which I could not escape, even though I could see what was happening at the time. Fraudsters sound so professional they can catch anyone out. I never thought it could happen to me, but it can happen to anyone – no matter how careful you think you are.
“I was extremely fortunate that my bank, TSB, turned this awful experience into a positive one.”
David Bale

TSB customer from Peterborough


We launched TSB Smart Agent, in partnership with IBM, in 2020 to help reach more of our customers. This real-time customer chat function handled around 3,000 conversations each day in 2021, with more than 40% of them through mobile banking on smart phones.