Doing what matters for customers

Doing what matters for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve focused on helping our customers have money confidence during the pandemic. It’s changed the way many of our customers feel about managing their money and impacted household finances in contrasting ways. Lockdowns, social distancing and COVID-secure workplaces have also changed the way banks serve their customers.

The scale of fraud in the UK is enormous. Nearly 300,000 cases of economic crime have been reported to Action on Fraud since March 2020, with current losses at £4 million a day. In 2020, £479 million was lost to Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud alone. We are the only bank in the UK to offer a full refund to all our customers who are innocent victims of fraud, whether they are small businesses or individuals, through our fraud refund guarantee.

“When I realised I had been scammed, I felt humiliated and distressed. My self-confidence was completely destroyed. The experience was like being sucked, due to my own vulnerability, into a whirlpool from which I could not escape, even though I could see what was happening at the time. Fraudsters sound so professional they can catch anyone out. I never thought it could happen to me, but it can happen to anyone – no matter how careful you think you are.
“I was extremely fortunate that my bank, TSB, turned this awful experience into a positive one.”
David Bale

TSB customer from Peterborough


In 2020, we launched TSB Smart Agent, in partnership with IBM, to free up colleagues to help customers who need us most. This real-time customer chat function, launched in five days, handles around 3,500 conversations a day with people across mobile and internet banking. Of the one million conversations since its introduction, over 200,000 have been handed over to 60 specially trained TSB colleagues to manage queries.


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