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TSB is part of the Current Account Switch Service which means your switch is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

It’s simple and stress-free to move everything across from your old bank to TSB. We’ll transfer all your existing payments for you – those going out, like Direct Debits and standing orders, those coming in like your salary and any payees you already have set up.

  • Any payments made to or requested from your old account will be automatically redirected for at least three years. We’ll also contact the sender and give them your new details.

  • Three months interest-free overdraft when you switch (subject to application and approval, repayable on demand.)

TSB offer a range of current accounts – take a look at our current accounts here, including our Spend & Save account and the award winning Spend & Save Plus.

With the TSB Fraud refund guarantee We're proud to offer you more fraud protection than any other bank. T&Cs apply.

Starting your switch

You’ll need to have an open TSB current account.

If you’ve already got a TSB current account simply complete this quick online form or visit us in branch.

If you haven’t you’ll be able to switch at the end of your application or any time after your account is open via the link above or in branch.

To enjoy a straightforward switch in 7 working days we’ll need you to:

  • Make sure your name and address details with your old bank are correct. If the information you give us doesn’t match the details at your old bank, your switch won’t work.
  • Give us the sort code and account number you want to switch from.
  • Provide your debit card number and expiry date from your old bank – if it’s a joint account we need details of both cards. We need this even if you don’t use it anymore. The debit card number will be the 16 digit long number on your card.
  • Let us know the maximum amount you would like us to send to your old account to repay an overdraft – if you’re using one.
  • Tell us the date you want the switch from your old bank account to TSB to happen. This date cannot be a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

What happens after I start my switch?

Firstly, don’t worry, it’s all covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Your TSB account is already up and running. We’ll contact your old bank or building society to arrange the switch. We’ll let you know that they have approved your request. 

We’ll transfer all your existing payment arrangements. Your Direct Debits, standing orders and payees will be set up on your TSB account ready for the big switch date.

If you owe money on your old account which you’ve asked us to repay, now’s the time to make sure there’s enough money in your TSB account to cover it.

Your switch will be complete. Your balance will have been transferred and your old bank or building society account will be closed. You’re all go with us at TSB.

For at least 3 years after your switch, any payments sent to or requested from your old account will be redirected to your TSB account.

If you don’t want to switch everything

The Partial Switch Service lets you manage your account transfer, at your own pace and we’ll support you every step of the way. You tell us which parts of your old account you want to move, including any balance. Transferring your old account like this isn’t covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee and will take a bit longer than seven working days. But if you do choose to do it this way you have the peace of mind of knowing there’s a dedicated team on hand to help at every stage. You can start a Partial Switch in one of our Branches. 

Switching brochure and switch guarantee (PDF, 3.35MB)


Using the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) online you can switch a current account from another provider to us. Not all banks are participants of CASS. You can check if your current provider is a CASS participant before applying to switch to us here.

If you want to switch from a provider who isn’t a Current Account Switch Service participant, we can still organise the switch but it may take a little longer. Applications to do this are available in a TSB branch. We recommend you book an appointment before visiting the branch. Please call our telephone banking team on 0345 975 8758 to book an appointment.

For Savings switches, please contact the branch. Alternatively ISA switches are available online - see ISA | Our best Cash ISAs | TSB Bank

You can switch your joint Current Account from your old bank in to TSB providing that your  new TSB Current Account is also a joint account. You can also switch your sole account into a joint account, however you can’t switch a joint account into a sole account.

We may be able to provide facilities to pay off any existing overdraft you may have, subject to our normal lending criteria. If you agree an overdraft limit with us it may not match that offered by your old bank. If you do not come to an agreement with us you will need to make separate arrangements to repay any balance owed with your old bank. 

Please be aware your old bank is entitled to use any funds it receives in settlement of the debt on your old account. 

Yes you can still use your old bank account up until day 6 of the switch. If you set up any new payment arrangements on your old bank during the switch these will not be transferred. 

Your old bank will automatically close as part of the 7 day switching process.  This ensures payments made to your old account can be redirected to your new account. If your old account is overdrawn or has pending transactions on the day the switch completes the account will stay open until the balance reaches zero. 

If you want to keep your old account open you will need to do a partial switch. This can only be done in a TSB branch and will take longer than 7 working days. We recommend you book an appointment before visiting the branch. Please call our Telephone Banking team on  0345 975 8758 to book an appointment

To cancel the switch completely, you need to let your new bank know at least 7 working days before your switch date. After that, only certain elements can be cancelled depending how far through the process we are. 

As part of the 7 day switch there is a redirection on your old bank account. This means credits to your old bank will be forwarded to your new bank within 24 hours. This includes debit card refunds however these can take a little longer. If you receive a credit after 3pm Friday, weekends or bank holidays these will be forwarded the next working day.

Backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee

The Current Account Switch Guarantee ensures your current account will switch on a day of your choice, your payments will be automatically transferred and redirected to your new account, and in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your switch, we will refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges (incurred on your old or new current accounts) as a result of this failure as soon as it’s brought to our attention.

Switch Guarantee

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