Pick and Protect home insurance customers

We understand that our customers may be worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to reassure you that we’re here to help you with any financial concerns you may have.

Payment holiday

If you are struggling financially and need help, then you may be able to defer your monthly home insurance payment. This can be applied for 1 month at a time, for up to 3 months up until the 31st August 2020.
Am I eligible?

You will be able to request a payment holiday for your TSB Pick and Protect home insurance, provided by Aviva Insurance Limited, if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have a home policy and you pay your premium monthly.
  • The policy is currently active, and you have paid a least one payment.
  • Your next payment due date is more than 10 days ahead.
    a. If your payment is due in 9 days or less, we are unable to help you this month. Please apply again next month if you are continuing to experience financial difficulty.
  • You are the policyholder
    a. You have been furloughed and have not yet received the 80% payment scheme from your employer or,
    ​b. You are self-employed and are unable to work or trade because of Coronavirus, or have not yet received the 80% payment scheme via the Government or,
    c. You were made unemployed after 1 March 2020,
    d. You are experiencing significant financial difficulty as a result of a temporary reduction in income caused by Covid-19.
  • Unfortunately, if you have no further payments or only one further monthly payment due, we are unable to defer your payment.
Important information
  • Completing a holiday request form covers your next payment. If you need help for future payments, you will need to re-apply again, up to a maximum of three months.
  • You will be requesting to defer your next payment which will be spread evenly over the remaining term of your policy. This means the overall premium will remain the same, however your remaining monthly payments will increase.  All other terms of your insurance policy will continue to apply.
  • Please don’t cancel your direct debit. The future payments will be updated automatically to reflect the increased amount. Payments will be taken on the same date each month using your current payment method.


Clicking ‘Find out more’ below, will open a new window to Aviva Insurance Limited where you will find more information, full eligibility criteria and the form to request a payment holiday (also known as a payment deferral).


Find out more information and check the eligibility criteria

Amending your level of cover

1. Are you paying for elements of home insurance that you no longer need?

TSB’s Pick and Protect home insurance allows you to add, remove and change the cover you need, as many times as you wish, and we do not charge a fee. We encourage you to regularly review your cover.

2. There may be additional cover which is now more important to you, such as accidental contents, as you are currently at home more?

Cover can be changed or added at any time, you do not need to wait for your insurance renewal. We do not charge a fee to do this.

3. If you wish to cancel your home insurance policy, we do not charge a fee for cancellation of your insurance, and you are free to cancel or change your cover at any time.

Before you do this, you should make sure this is the right thing for you to do. If you have a mortgage, it may be a condition of the mortgage that adequate buildings insurance is in place.

Call 0345 030 8799, if you wish to make changes to your home insurance policy.

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