Legal services insurance

Expert advice at the ready 24/7 if you or family members you live with face a legal dispute.



Pick & Protect home insurance is brought to you by TSB Bank, and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Ltd. T&Cs apply.

Expert advice when you need it most

The helpline is open 24/7. And you’ll get confidential advice over the phone, outlining your rights and possible courses of action.


Everyone you live with is covered

Every family member living in the main family home is covered for injury, property, consumer and employer disputes, as well as for medical and cosmetic negligence.

No claim limit or excess to pay

You don’t have to pay an excess, and there’s no limit to the number of claims you can make. And this won’t affect your No Claims Discount.


What’s covered?

You’re covered for support in situations including disputes relating to your home, employment and consumer disputes, as well as personal injury and medical negligence claims. You could also receive legal advice, funding of up to £50,000 and access to a lawyer (if you need one) to pursue and defend your claims in court.