We are TSB Bank, 20 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7JA.

We have partnered with Funding Options to provide you with access to a lending marketplace where you can get a broad range of financing options from a choice of lenders and products.

To do this, you provide us with information (both about your business and the people involved in your business) and we share this information with Funding Options. Once Funding Options receive your information, they are responsible for it and they will give you information about how they will manage your information - as well as your rights. TSB will no longer control your information once it is passed to Funding Options.

Funding Options will provide TSB with high level information about customers referred by TSB including:

  • Whether you have successfully drawn down funds from a lender notified to you by Funding Options.
  • For up to a year after you draw down funds, Funding Options will tell TSB if you have failed to make repayments or have in another way breached the main terms of the funding arrangement.

TSB will use this information to monitor the performance of Funding Options, to manage complaints, to ensure quality customer service and to help TSB develop products and services that meet the needs of Business Banking customers. TSB will hold this information for a maximum period of 7 years from the date you draw down the funds.

Full details of how TSB uses information in Business Banking, including details of information rights, can be found in our Business Banking Privacy Notice - click here.

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