Important information about the Business Banking Switch Account

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Your business debit card terms and conditions can be found in your Business Current Account terms which are available on this page.

Loans and Finance

  • For information relating to your overdraft please see your facility letter.

Payment services

  • Banks are cutting cheque clearing times from six days to just two.
  • All the banks will make this change, so if you write a cheque that’s paid into another bank that’s already moved to the new clearing times, your money could leave your account quicker.
  • All our branches have moved to the faster process for cheques you pay in.
  • Find out more at

You can find details of the current six day clearing cycle in the 'Your account charges explained' brochure:

We’ve also made some changes to our terms and conditions and user guide to clarify the functionality that is available. These changes clarify where you can view your statements (User Guide Section 2), how to make transfers (User Guide section 4.2) and multiple payments (User Guide section 2), and Online Payment Control (Terms & Conditions section 4.8)

Our Ways to Bank terms and conditions cover internet banking, telephone banking and mobile banking. The user guide gives information on how to access these services and explains the differences between them. 

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