August 2020

Describe your business  

We are a business that provides technical theatre and event production support to other businesses, schools, individuals and societies. We provide staff, equipment hire, sales and venue support.

How did you come up with your business idea?

The four of us business partners had all worked together previously and saw a niche in the market. Many of the companies were targeting the bigger productions and leaving all other entities unsupported. When they did offer support, it was often cost prohibitive.

We decided that we wanted to help bring the technical aspects of theatre production to those who were previously struggling with it.

What challenges have you faced?  

Our main challenges have been school and public sector budgets and arts funding being cut. The initial costs of starting the business were higher than anticipated (equipment costs etc) and there was little support available.

Growth has quickly outstripped our ability to function. We all have full time roles and so that is a constant balancing act plus the costs of staff etc is  a challenge.

How did you come across the 12 months free business support in partnership with TSB?

We received a letter from TSB telling us about it. 

How long have you banked with TSB?

Three years since we started the company in 2015.

What is your next business goal?  

To continue our expansion and take on employees full time. We also want to develop a vehicle fleet and find a permanent office space.

What are your tips for business success?

Take all opportunities and run with them. If you see an opening you should go for it, even if that is not in your initial business plan. Adapt the plan. Evolve. 




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