Amazon Small Business Accelerator

Delivered and run by our partners at Enterprise Nation, Amazon Small Business Accelerator is a free, easy to use, online educational programme for anyone who wants to start a new online business or grow an existing one.

This online learning is tailored to three levels of experience, and covers everything you need: website building, selling online, social media, marketing, managing cashflow, selling on Amazon, and identifying growth opportunities. The training is free, and by taking part you can access events and offers, and even join a bootcamp experience.

Choose from these 3 courses:


  • Market research: source customers and product partners

  • Setting up on the Amazon store

  • Managing the books

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  • Building online: content and community

  • How to register and establish your brand on Amazon

  • Managing cashflow

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  • Sales: selling wholesale, customer support, CRM systems

  • People: scaling and managing a team

  • Case studies: practical uses of Amazon Web Services – learn from other organisations

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