Business Banking Authentication App

Your Business Banking Authentication App will now launch in 2018

A while ago we wrote to let you know that we were planning to replace card readers with our exciting new Business Banking Authentication App. Unfortunately we need to do a bit more work before we make the app available to download and it will now launch in 2018.

So for now, please continue using your card reader for online transactions like making payments. We'll be in touch again once the app is ready and we’ll make sure we update this page to include all the information you need to get setup.

Key features and benefits

Card Reader

Business Banking Authentication App

Ensures secure authentication of Online for Business transactions Ensures secure authentication of Online for Business transactions
  App can be enrolled on multiple devices – no more forgetting your device at home or the office  
  App generates one-time passwords ‘online’ making the app even more secure 
  Access the app with just your fingerprint if your device supports this

Simpler to use than the card reader


If you don’t have a smart device running on iOS or Android, we will be in touch in 2018 to explain how you can request a basic smart device from us that you can use to download and access the Business Banking Authentication app. We will also provide you with full instructions on how to set up the device to enrol and use the app.

Mostly yes, although we will be reducing the number of transactions you need to use it for. We will let you know the details in 2018.

We are improving the service to give an easier, more secure and better way to improve authenticating transactions.

We will be writing to you again in 2018 with details on when and how to download the app.

After downloading the app when it’s ready in 2018, you will be asked to log on and enrol to the app using the activation code we’ve sent you. You then won’t need to use the app to authenticate transactions until we let you know.

You can use the same device to log on to business banking via the internet browser and then use the app to authenticate a transaction before continuing with business banking online. You won't need to worry about carrying the old card reader around with you or leaving it at home and you can do your business banking anywhere you have an online connection.

It will continue to work as normal to authorise online transactions until we let you know in 2018. We are upgrading our systems to make them even more secure. This means that when this upgrade is complete we will no longer support card readers and you will have to use our new Business Banking Authentication app when setting up new payment beneficiaries and standing orders, making international payments or resetting your log in information.

We will give you information nearer the time on how to download and use the app with full instructions. If you still have problems, we will provide a number for you to contact. We will provide the support you need to get up and running on the app.

You will be able to use the app on any recent iOS or Android device, including your own personal device.

Go to the log in page from You will have the option reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgotten your password’ or if you’ve forgotten your user ID, click on ‘forgotten your user ID’ and follow the instructions. If you continue having problems logging in after following these steps, click on ‘having trouble logging in’.

You can access your personal TSB accounts as normal using the TSB mobile app or you can log in on from desktop or mobile.

The app is a more secure and easier way of authenticating transactions. You can download the app on your personal phone which means you don’t have to worry about forgetting your card reader. You can log in using the fingerprint recognition feature if your device supports this and enrol the app on multiple devices. The app is more secure as it generates OTP (one time passwords) when authenticating transactions. It can only be used by you and access can be blocked immediately if you lose or replace your device.

You cannot use Online for Business without an internet connection. It works the same when you're using our app to authenticate new recipients. You need to be connected to the internet via WiFi or 3G/4G.

You need an internet connection to use our Business Banking Authentication app, just like you need one to use Online for Business. Therefore if you can't access 3G/4G you will need to connect to a WiFi network instead.

We are offering the basic device as a complementary gift and will only be available to a very limited number of customers who don't have an iOS or Android device of their own. If the device is lost, broken or stolen, we cannot replace it and you will need to source an alternative device to use with the service.

No. The app is only used to authenticate transactions from your Business account. The app is a replacement of the card reader and will be used to carry out the same steps as your card reader. If there are any changes to how you can use the app, we will be in touch.

Yes. The app won’t affect any of the services you use on Business Banking or Internet Banking.

If you’d like more information, or have any questions that you don’t find in the FAQ’s, get in touch with us on 0345 835 3844.



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