We'd like to say a big thank you.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're giving 10 lucky customers the chance to win £10,000 each in our biggest prize draw ever.

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Celebrating 10 years of TSB

On 9 September 2023, we marked 10 years as a standalone bank. But we've been around much longer - TSB has a long and proud history of helping our customers manage their money better and that's something we remain committed to today. So, on behalf of everyone here, we thank you for being a TSB customer.


How does it work?

All eligible customers have be entered into the draw.

  • 1

    All eligible customers have now been entered into the draw.

  • 2

    10 lucky winners drawn on Wednesday 18 October 2023.

  • 3

    Winners called by Friday 20 October 2023.


Any questions?

You’ll be entered into the draw if you live in the United Kingdom and were over 18 with an open account on 9 September 2023 (which is still open when we select the winners). Entry is free. 

There are some exclusions though as, even if the above applies, you won’t have a chance to win if:

  • You hold the account on behalf of somebody under the age of 18.

  • Our records show that you have a non-UK tax residence or you might live outside the UK.

  • You haven’t used the account in the 15 years preceding the draw date.

  • Your account is in its closure period or due to be closed (for example, because the account holder has passed away).
  • Your account is (or becomes at any point before any prize funds are payable) subject to any legal restrictions or fraud / financial crime concerns.

  • You or your business have been involved in the prize draw in any way or are closely related to anyone that was.
  • Our only relationship with you has been to introduce you to one of our partners (for example, if you used our website to put in place life insurance or an investment product) or if you only hold an account because you agreed to help us test new banking features.

Where we need to, we might ask you questions to allow us to determine if you’re eligible to win. We will solely decide whether all the eligibility requirements have been met or if any exclusions apply.

That’s no problem, just head over to www.tsb.co.uk/no-thanks to let us know, or visit one of our branches. Try to let us know by 17 October 2023 or we may not have enough time to take you out of the draw – but you don’t have to accept the prize if you do win.

Yes. If you hold a business account with us, then everything above still applies. It’s the business itself that will need to meet the eligibility criteria.

If your business is lucky enough to win a prize, it means the money will be payable to the business directly. We won’t be able to pay the prize money to anybody involved in the business in their personal capacity.

The winners will be chosen at random from the customers eligible for the draw on 18 October 2023. All eligible customers will be assigned with a random number. 10 numbers will then be randomly selected from the pool. The customers who match those numbers will win the prize, provided no exclusions apply. There will be 10 different winners and each one will win £10,000 cash (payable either by cheque or a payment to your TSB account). 

If you win, we’ll call you to share the good news by Friday 20 October 2023. If we don’t have your number or can’t speak to you, we’ll try contacting you using any other details we have.

Please remember that fraudsters pretend to be banks, so if anyone contacts you about the prize draw it’s important to remember that we would never ask you to share your bank or security details. We’ll also never talk to you on social media through unofficial TSB accounts. Look at our Fraud Prevention Centre for guidance on how to stay safe.

If we don’t hear from you or we’ve not been able to get in contact with you by 8 December 2023, we will offer the prize to an alternative winner (selected at the time of the prize draw in the same way we chose the first 10 winners). And if we can’t get in touch with the alternative winner by 26 January 2024, we may withdraw the prize.

We’ll publish a list of the winners’ initials and the counties they live in at www.tsb.co.uk/legal/ or you can get a copy from your branch. This will be available for six months following the draw.

If you’re lucky enough to win, we’ll either make a payment into your TSB account or send you a cheque in the post. We’ll do that within 30 calendar days of you letting us know which you’d prefer. Prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred.

You or your business will have one chance to win a prize if you meet the entry criteria. That means:

  • If you hold more than one account or product with us, you’ll still only get one chance to win.
  • If you hold a product jointly with someone, you’ll both be included in the draw and each get one chance to win.
  • If you hold a business account and personal account, the business will get one chance to win and you will get one too.

Important Information

We’ll keep your information confidential. Your personal data (by this, we mean your name, email address, home address, phone number and date of birth) will only be processed for the purposes of:

  • participating in the prize draw (or if you let us know that you don’t want to be part of it);

  • prize draw administration, such as telling you that you’ve won and delivering the prize.

It will only be kept for as long as needed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

You can find out more about how we use your personal data in our privacy notice.

You have a number of rights when it comes to your personal information, including the right to ask us to provide you with a copy of your information if we hold it.  Please see the Information Commissioner’s website if you’d like to find out about all your rights.

If you’d like to exercise your rights, please complete the form available here. You can also contact our Data Protection Officer at privacy@tsb.co.uk.

If you’re unhappy about how we’ve used your personal information, you can complain at any time to the Information Commissioner’s Office. They’re the regulator for data protection in the UK. You can find their contact details at https://ico.org.uk/