Being a responsible business

Chairman, Richard Meddings

CEO, Debbie Crosbie

Here’s why we think Doing What Matters and being a responsible business has never been so important.

Hear from some of the people who have helped us to shape our plan

Ged Nichols, General Secretary of Accord:

“The Do What Matters Plan gives a clear commitment to make a meaningful contribution to society and I applaud TSB for setting out to tackle the issues that matter most to the public, including our members, at this time. We are encouraged by the focus on welfare and development of TSB Partners and, as they have done through its development, a willingness to work with recognised Trade Unions to deliver these important goals.”

Andy Case, Lead Officer, Finance & Legal Sector, Unite:

“As we recover from the effects of the pandemic there will be even greater scrutiny on the behaviour of businesses. Having a clear roadmap is crucial and we support TSB’s ambition in the ‘Do What Matters Plan’ for tackling some of the biggest challenges society faces.

Signing up to the UN Global Compact makes this more than just a paper exercise and shows real commitment by TSB to these principles.

We’re particularly pleased to see that alongside treating customers well and protecting the environment, there is a specific focus on supporting TSB Partners with their mental health and making TSB an inclusive workplace.

As one of the recognised unions in TSB, Unite looks forward to working with TSB to make this plan a reality.”

Josh Hardie, Deputy Director-General, Confederation of British Industry (CBI):

“At a time when the UK is making decisions that will define a generation, it has never been more important for business to demonstrate its value and responsibilities, and help build back a more sustainable, resilient and fairer economy. 
“TSB’s Do What Matters plan is an excellent template for businesses that want to adopt the building blocks of trust: good business practice, making a difference to society and telling their story. 
“I’d encourage every business to carefully consider their purpose, behaviour, and extra steps they can take to help build back better as the UK emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.”

Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce:

“A responsible approach to doing business is vital as we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis. Businesses have an obligation to their customers and suppliers, but must also consider their impact on the communities they operate in and the wider world.

“Business communities across the UK will welcome TSB’s commitment to engage with firms locally. TSB and other financial institutions must do all they can to support businesses to recover from the pandemic and thrive once again.”

Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation:

As so many people and businesses consider their future, it's a vital time to be encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship. This takes the form of helping new ventures get off the ground and ensuring existing businesses have access to resource and advice. This is what TSB is delivering with its partnership in the She's Got This campaign, with a particular focus on female founders. It's great to see this campaign - and a commitment to enterprise - as a key part of the Do What Matters plan. 

Ivor Coulter, TSB Cluster Manager: 

“I’m really proud of the commitment our plan gives - and excited about the opportunity it creates to build something truly great within TSB and help our customers achieve money confidence.”

Jasbeer Kaur, TSB Local Banker: 

“Doing what matters is how we want to behave here at TSB. This plan brings it all together. And helps us focus on helping people whether they’re customers, colleagues or in our communities.” 

Simon Peleszok, TSB Bank Manager:

“I work in a branch, so just like the others in my team, I instinctively want to help people in my community. The Do What Matters plan builds on some of the stuff we already do and sets out how we can make a difference for our customers, the businesses we work with, TSB colleagues, our communities and the environment. It’s so rewarding to see the difference we make.”

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