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    TSB’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

    18 July 2017 | Blog post

    TSB is building a different kind of bank which lives and breathes a diverse, inclusive and transparent culture. ...

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    Consumer Matters Manifesto

    22 May 2017 | Blog post


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    Selling your home with an online estate agent

    02 March 2017 | Blog post

    Selling your property means forking out a percentage of the profit from your sale. Or it did. Because now you can sell your home online....

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    Note from Helen Rose and TSB Complaints Data

    28 February 2017 | Blog post

    A note from Helen Rose, Chief Operating Officer...

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    Stamp duty

    Stamp duty explained

    24 February 2017 | Blog post

    Buying a home in the UK? You'll need to be aware of stamp duty, how much the taxman wants and how to pay him. Stephen gives you the land tax lowdown......

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    Bagging a used car bargain

    24 February 2017 | Blog post

    Even modest savings on a big-ticket item like a car could amount to a significant sum. James Foxall teaches us the tricks of the trade....

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    spend swaps small image

    Small changes, big impact: spend swaps

    22 February 2017 | Article with video

    Would you cap your regular spending habits if you could quantify the saving? See our spend swaps for 6 small spends and what the saving could net you instead....

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    Money matters small

    Money matters: the year ahead

    22 February 2017 | Article with video

    We surveyed financial resolutions and found that more than half of us are worried about current debt. ...

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    Blogger challenge - utilities - small

    Are money bloggers saving experts in household spend?

    16 February 2017 | Blog post

    We've challenged 3 UK money bloggers to streamline their finances in everyday spend, lifestyle spend and household spend. Emma Drew took on household spend and made savings following realistic changes that you could save with, too. ...

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