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    Stuffing your xmas turkey small

    Stuffing up your turkey order

    Added 2 days ago | Blog post

    Uh-oh. Forgot to place an order for your Christmas turkey? With all the busy work of present buying and hiding, keeping track of last mailing dates for gift and card sending and most likely fighting over who should host Christmas this festive season, it’s easy to do. ...

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    Love sending gifts - don’t love the hassle

    30 November 2016 | Blog post

    Receiving a card or present in the post at Christmas is always a thrill, but standing in an inevitably long queue at the Post Office during your dwindling lunch hour certainly isn’t. Give the hard-working posties a break this year and take a different approach to sending your well-wishes and pressies to loved ones....

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    Chill out and have an appy Christmas

    29 November 2016 | Blog post

    It can be stressful, all this celebrating. Have you properly glazed the Christmas ham? Has the budget been blown again? How are you going to keep the kids amused all day? How are you going to keep yourself amused all day?...

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    Snowman driving in snow

    Can't wait to see those faces?

    22 November 2016 | Blog post

    Drive home for Christmas safely with practical car check-ups...

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    Bath Christmas Market

    Avoid a Royle Family Christmas

    21 November 2016 | Blog post

    Have you had enough of spending Christmas in your parents' cramped sitting room with the heating whacked up to a stifling level? If listening to the Queen's speech and your dad's thoughts on Brexit (again!) doesn't fill you with festive cheer - it's time to take to the road....

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    Current accounts: the whys, whats and hows

    18 November 2016 | Blog post

    Most people have a current account for managing their everyday banking, but what's special about a current account and how do you choose the right one for you? ...

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    Winter Home Scene

    Let it snow... but first weather proof your home!

    18 November 2016 | Blog post

    Winter's coming, bringing with it cold and wet weather. Save your money and your sanity with these simple steps to protect your home....

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    Lose that festive jumper

    16 November 2016 | Blog post

    Had your fill of chilly Christmases? A four hour flight could see you in your swimsuit, lounging in the sunshine with a cocktail....

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    How can businesses best serve the communities they operate in?

    19 October 2016 | Blog post

    Read Head of TSB Community Engagement Bola Gibson's speech on how businesses can serve the local community, and the social purpose driving TSB to bring back local banking for Britain....

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