• Internet Banking Terms and Conditions

    We are simplifying your Internet Banking terms and conditions and making our agreement with you easier to understand. We are removing information that is duplicated and covered as part of separate terms and conditions.

    The main changes are:


    We've updated the section on keeping your access secure to cover advancements in technology and the types of threats you need to think about when using online banking services. Please read this section carefully.

    Mobile Banking App

    There is a new section dealing with our Mobile Banking App and this explains how we add new functionality to the App to keep up to date with the latest technology, for example using location data to allow you to find your nearest branch.

    Changing the terms and conditions in the future

    We always want to improve your online banking experience as we develop new features. So we're changing the notice periods we give you when we make changes. If we make a change that benefits you, we'll introduce it immediately. If we think a change may negatively affect you we'll give you 30 days' notice.

  • In these terms and conditions, 'you' are the customer who has registered for Internet Banking. 'We' are TSB Bank plc.

    What do these terms and conditions apply to?

    They apply to your use of Internet Banking (whether accessed using a computer, or a mobile device using Mobile Banking).

    You are responsible for ensuring that the device you use to access Internet Banking can be used with our services.

    What is Internet Banking?

    It is our online service that enables you to access most of your TSB personal accounts. You can use Internet Banking from a computer or another internet-enabled device.

    Internet Banking does not include insurance.tsb.co.uk pages or the My Insurance portal for Pick and Protect home insurance.

    What is Mobile Banking?

    It is all the services we make available for you to access using your mobile device. This includes access to Internet Banking and our Text Messaging services.

    Mobile Banking enables you to access the most commonly used Internet Banking services on your TSB UK personal accounts via a mobile site that has been designed for the smaller screens of mobile devices. In these terms and conditions, where we refer to "Internet Banking" this includes access through Mobile Banking unless stated otherwise.

    What is Money Planner?

    Money Planner is part of Internet Banking and:

    • Is designed to help you manage your personal finances, but not to provide legal, tax or financial advice;  automatically breaks down most of your spending into categories using easy-to-read graphs that give you a fuller picture of where your money goes;
    • Is not  available for business accounts.

    Which accounts do these terms and conditions apply to?

    They apply to all your eligible personal sterling accounts that can be accessed using Internet Banking, plus any you open in the future.

    Are there any other terms and conditions I need to know about when using Internet Banking?

    Yes. You also need to know about the terms and conditions of:

    • Your Banking Relationship with us ; and
    • The account you are accessing available at www.tsb.co.uk. If any of the above terms conflict with these Internet Banking terms, the Internet Banking terms override the conflicting terms. Use of our website is also subject to our website terms of use and website Privacy Policy  available at www.tsb.co.uk .

    Can I access Internet Banking through an app using Mobile Banking?

    We may make access to Internet Banking available through an app for some mobile devices. If so, there may be extra terms and conditions or charges for these services. If there are, we will let you know about them.

    Can I use Internet Banking to access my joint accounts?

    Yes. You can access your joint accounts and give us instructions about them, independently of the other account holders. You must not register to use a joint account unless the other account holders agree to this.

    What if there is a dispute on my joint account, for example if another of the account holders disputes any of my instructions on the account?

    Once notified we will suspend or stop access to the account through Internet Banking, and you will not be able to give us instructions on it until the dispute is resolved.

    Who can register for Internet Banking?

    Details on who can register for Internet Banking are set out on the registration form on our website at www.tsb.co.uk .

    If you are applying as an Attorney, Deputy or Financial Guardian, please apply in branch as we will need to do some checks first to ensure you are legally authorised.

    Do I need to register separately to use Internet Banking through Mobile Banking?

    No. Provided you are registered for Internet Banking, you do not need to register separately to access it through Mobile Banking. We simply recognise that you are accessing it using a mobile device and divert you to our mobile site.

    However, you may need to register separately for some of our other Mobile Banking services, such as our Text Messaging services. There is more information about these services at  www.tsb.co.uk/help/mobile-banking .

    We have a joint account - do we each need to register separately to access the account?

    Yes. You must each register separately for Internet Banking if you want to access your joint account independently.

    Why do I have to give you a phone number when I register?

    We need a phone number so we can call you if we need to check some of your instructions, such as when you set up a new recipient. This is one of the ways we help ensure your accounts remain secure. If you do not give us a phone number or do not carry out our instructions correctly when we call, we will not be able to authorise certain instructions.

    You must let us know if your registered phone number changes.

    Do I have to register for any other parts of Internet Banking?

    We may provide further Internet Banking services that you may have to register for separately. There may be extra terms and conditions or charges for these. If there are, we will let you know about them.

    You may need to register separately for some Mobile Banking services, such as our Text Messaging services. There is more information on these services at www.tsb.co.uk/help/mobile-banking .

    If you apply for a quote for or have Pick and Protect home insurance, you will need to register separately for access to the My Insurance portal which is not part of Internet Banking.

    Do you charge for Internet Banking?

    Not at the moment, but we may do so in future. If we introduce charges, we will give you at least 2 months notice.

    Bear in mind that your network operator or Internet service provider may charge you for using some services,  for example for downloading or using an application or for accessing the Internet, so please check with them.

    What can I do using Internet Banking?

    You can use it to find out information about your personal sterling accounts. For some accounts, you can use it to view your statements, transfer money between your accounts, pay people and companies, set up new recipients, apply for new products with us, and much more.

    Some Internet Banking services may not be available through our Mobile Banking service. Those that are may also be affected by your device's signal and functionality.

    When will you carry out instructions I give you through Internet Banking?

    We try to carry out your instructions immediately. While you can access Internet Banking at any time, we can only process some instructions during normal banking hours.

    What if I make a mistake when giving you my instructions?

    Our processes are designed to minimise the chance of you making a mistake, but you are responsible for checking that all the instructions you give us are correct.

    Is Internet Banking available on all accounts?

    No. You can use it only on your personal sterling accounts with TSB Bank plc.

    I use Internet Banking only on my mobile device through Mobile Banking. Do I ever need to log on to the main Internet Banking site?

    Yes. We sometimes put messages for customers on the main Internet Banking site so we recommend you log on to it at least once every 14 days .

    In future we may provide notices to you through messages when you log on, or by e-mail (using the latest e-mail address you gave us), or through secure messaging within Internet Banking.

    Can I use Internet Banking abroad?

    It depends. Internet Banking (including access via Mobile Banking) is designed for use in the UK. It may be unlawful to access it in some countries. You are responsible for finding out whether it is lawful to use Internet Banking (including via Mobile Banking) from the country you are in at the time.  If it is not, you should not use Internet Banking in that country.

    You are responsible for complying with local laws and for any losses that result from you breaking them.

    You can use Mobile Banking only with TSB UK personal accounts.

    How does Money Planner work with our joint account?

    You will each have a shared view of your joint account. This means any changes that any account holder makes to the way transactions are described on the account (their 'classifications') will also affect the view shown to the other account holders.

    What do I need to know about Money Planner?

    The main things you need to know are as follows:

    • There may be delays before transactions appear in your Money Planner dashboard.
    • There may be differences between descriptions shown on your statements and those shown in your Money Planner dashboard.
    • Some transfers may not be captured and shown as outgoings in your Money Planner dashboard, for example transfers between current and savings accounts.
    • Some transactions may not be automatically given a category, for example those made overseas.
    • Your printed and online statements will remain the definitive record of transactions on your accounts.
    • Money Planner is not designed to provide a full picture of your future spending or finances.
    • Calendar entries that you add to the calendar tool are not payment instructions - you need to complete these instructions in the normal way.
    • We do not guarantee that Money Planner will always be available or work in the same way. We also do not guarantee the accuracy of any information in it; for example, predictions of future transactions are based on past events and may not fully reflect your actual transactions.

    Do I need a TSB Savings account to use 'Savings Goals'?

    Yes. You also must have activated Money Planner on your TSB personal current account.

    How do I send a payment?

    Key in the mobile phone number of your contact in the Pay a Contact payment screen, instead of using their sort code and account number. We'll check to see if your contact has registered for Paym. If they are registered, you'll be sent confirmation of your contact's name, as registered on their account. This lets you check you're sending a payment to the intended recipient.

    You must input the correct mobile phone number to send the payment. You are responsible for ensuring that the mobile phone number you type in is correct, and that it matches your intended recipient.

    You must only use Pay a Contact to send and receive payments. You must not use it, or any information obtained through it, for any other purpose.

    How do you use the information I provide when I use Internet Banking?

    Some of the things we use the information for are:

    • Improving services to our customers;
    • Telling you about or providing you with products or services, from us and from trusted third parties;
    • Confirming your identity; and
    • Authorising certain instructions.

    For a full explanation of how we use the information you provide when you use Internet Banking, please see  Your Banking Relationship with us , our website  Privacy Policy  and  Cookies Information  available at www.tsb.co.uk . We recommend you read and understand these important policies.

    Will you market your products and services to me when I use Internet Banking?

    From time to time within Internet Banking we may display useful information and tell you about offers we think may interest you. You can manage the permissions you have given us for displaying these messages by logging on to Internet Banking.

    When I use Internet Banking, do you use cookies to collect information from my web browser?

    Yes. We use cookies and similar technology to help us to:

    • Do tasks that are essential for a well-made secure online banking service, such as helping prevent fraud and detect malicious software or viruses;
    • Provide improved services to our customers

    Please look at the  Privacy Policy  and  Cookies Information  pages on our website at www.tsb.co.uk for more information. 

    What if I am asked for my full security details?

    We will never ask you for your full security details. To log on you need to provide your full ID number, full password and some of the characters from your memorable information.

    If you are ever asked for your full security details, please report it to us immediately at [email protected] .

    Do you use other forms of security protection on Internet Banking?

    We may ask you to confirm certain instructions you give us through Internet Banking; for example, we may ask you to enter your password again or we may call you.

    We may use software and other technology, such as cookies, to detect viruses or malicious software on the computer or device you use to access Internet Banking. If we detect these, we may suspend, restrict or block your access to Internet Banking or the use of your security details.

    We may monitor the devices you use to access Internet Banking. If you use a new device or one we do not recognise, we may:

    • Ask you to go through extra security checks to verify your identity; or
    • Suspend, restrict or block your access to Internet Banking or the use of your security details.

    We may monitor or record calls you make to us or receive from us (such as when you are completing payment authorisations) and use the recordings to help verify your identity.

    How can I help keep my accounts secure?

    Some things you can do to help keep your account secure include:

    • Logging off each time you finish using Internet Banking. For your security, we will automatically log you off if there has been no activity on the service for a short period;
    • Not leaving your computer or device unattended while it is logged into your accounts;
    • Not changing or copying any software we may provide to you, or giving that software to another person;
    • Not writing down the security details you use to access Internet Banking;
    • Not recording all your security details in software that automatically stores it, such as 'remember me' features;
    • Doing regular virus checks on your devices;
    • Using appropriate security on your devices, such as passwords and pin numbers;
    • Ensuring no-one has access to confidential information on your computer or mobile device.

    For more about what you should do to keep your accounts secure, see  Your Banking Relationship with us  available at www.tsb.co.uk .

    Can I use a modified mobile device to access Internet Banking?

    We do not recommend that you access Internet Banking using any device that has been modified to remove restrictions built into it (such as those that prevent unofficial software being run on it). Removing these restrictions may make the manufacturer's warranty invalid and may make the device more open to viruses and malicious software.

    What happens if my computer or mobile device is infected with a virus or other type of malicious software?

    If we detect a virus or another type of malicious software on your device, we may suspend, restrict or block your access to Internet Banking or the use of your security details.

    What if I have forgotten or lost my security details, or I think someone else has stolen them, knows them or is misusing them?

    You must reset your security details using Internet Banking. You must also tell us as soon as you can by calling our helpdesk on 0345 835 3844 .

    What if my mobile device or computer has been lost or stolen?

    You must tell us immediately by calling our helpdesk on 0345 835 3844If you fail to do so, we will not be liable if someone else finds out your account information as a result .

    Are there times when I will not be able to access Internet Banking?

    Yes. You may not be able to access some or all of Internet Banking, or access may be slow, when we or our suppliers are repairing, updating and doing routine maintenance to the systems used to provide the services.

    We may also suspend, restrict or stop your use of Internet Banking or the use of your security details if we reasonably think this is necessary because, for example:

    • The security of your account or Internet Banking is at risk;
    • We suspect unauthorised or fraudulent use of your security details or Internet Banking. We may suspect this if, for example, you fail to enter your security details correctly
    • You break these terms and conditions;
    • We detect viruses or malicious software on the device you are using to access Internet Banking. If this happens, you may not be able to access some or all of our Internet Banking services again from that device until you have removed the virus or malicious software. You will also need to reset your security details because we may have blocked or restricted them. We may tell you that we need you to use new security details to access your accounts, for example for security reasons or if we have suspended, restricted or blocked your access to Internet Banking.

    Bear in mind that trying to access Internet Banking in some countries may be against that country's laws. You are responsible for finding out whether it is lawful to use Internet Banking (including via Mobile Banking) from the country you are in at the time. If it is not, you should not use Internet Banking in that country.

    Will you tell me if you suspend, restrict or block my access to Internet Banking?

    Where possible we will contact you before suspending, restricting or blocking your access to tell you that we are doing so and why. We may do this by displaying a message the next time you try to log on or perform an action on your account. However, we may not always be able to contact you, for example because of legal or regulatory restrictions.

    Do you keep a record of my instructions?

    Yes. We keep a record so that we can, for example:

    • Check we have carried out your instructions correctly;
    • Improve our service;
    • Comply with regulations; and
    • Help detect or prevent fraud or other crimes.

    Can I end this agreement?

    Yes. You may end your use of Internet Banking at any time and without explanation by calling our helpdesk on 0345 835 3844 or visiting us in branch.

    Ending your use of Internet Banking may not end other Mobile Banking services, such as our Text Messaging services. Please check the relevant terms and conditions for information on how to end these other services.

    Can we change or end this agreement?

    Yes. Provided we give you at least 2 months notice, we can:

    • Change these terms and conditions, including introducing or changing charges; or
    • End this agreement.

    We may close or suspend your access to internet banking if you do not use it for 12 months. In this case, you can ask us to remove any restrictions we have applied but we may need to check your identity before we do so. We may also deregister you if, having been sent an activation code, you do not complete the activation process.

    • All the information we give you and all communications between you and us will be in English.
    • These terms and conditions are governed by the law that applies to the account you are accessing through Internet Banking (for example, if English law applies to your account, English law will apply to your use of Internet Banking). The courts of that jurisdiction will also be able to deal with any legal questions connected with these terms and conditions.
    • Third parties may impose other costs or taxes in connection with Internet Banking.
    • We may choose not to enforce or rely on one or more of the terms of this agreement at any time, but we reserve the right to start applying them again at any time.
    • You may contact us about Internet Banking by calling 0345 835 3844 (7am-10pm Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm Sat and Sun) or visiting any branch.
    • For other contact details and information about how we are regulated, please see www.tsb.co.uk and any other information we have given you about Internet Banking and your accounts.


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